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State Route 92 marker

State Route 92
SR 92 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length: 97.81 mi[1] (157.41 km)
Major junctions
South end: US 19 / US 41 / SR 3 in Griffin
North end: SR 9 / SR 120 / SR 140 in Roswell
Counties: Spalding, Fayette, Fulton, Douglas, Paulding, Cobb, Cherokee
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
SR 91 SR 93

State Route 92 (SR 92) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Georgia. The road runs for 98 miles (158 km) from Griffin to Roswell. Primarily signed from south to north, SR 92 is a rural route that passes through three county seats.

Route description[edit]

State Route 92 in Roswell

The highway begins at the intersection between West McIntosh Road and North Expressway, the latter carrying US 19/US 41/SR 3, on the north side of Griffin. SR 92 runs westward away from the intersection in the middle of a commercial area of the city. The highway is a divided as it passes through residential subdivisions to exit town. Turning northwesterly on Fayetteville Road, SR 92 follows a two-lane roadway through rural Spalding County, running through a combination of woods and farm fields. The highway rounds the northern end of Heads Creek Reservoir before crossing the Flint River and into Fayette County. Past the river, the highway turns northward, running next to Lake Horton before entering the town of Woolsey. Continuing northward, the landscape transitions to residential subdivisions again as the highway enters the outskirts of Fayetteville. SR 92 follows Jimmie Mayfield Boulevard north before turning west onto Helen Sams Parkway, a divided highway. SR 92 turns back northward when it merges with SR 85; the two routes run concurrently northward on Glenn Street into downtown.[2][3]

In downtown Fayetteville, SR 85/SR 92 meets a pair of one-way streets that carry the two directions of SR 54. Further north, SR 92 separates from SR 85 when it turns northwesterly along Forest Avenue to exit downtown. It meanders north and northwesterly through subdivisions to exit the city near a pair of small airports, Coleman Field and McLendon Airport. SR 92 crosses into the southwestern corner of Fulton County near Fairburn, and it runs through a mixture of industrial parks and commercial zones. The highway passes over I-85, without an interchange, and crosses rail lines owned by CSX Transportation. SR 92 follows Campbellton Street through downtown, intersecting US 29/SR 14 in the middle of town. The highway then follows Campbellton–Fairburn Road north of town through an intersection with US 29 Alt./SR 14 Alt. (Fulton Parkway). At Campbellton, SR 92 merges with SR 154 to cross the Chattahoochee River and enter Douglas County.[2][3]

On the north bank of the Chattahoochee, SR 166 joins the concurrency, and the merged highway continues northward away from the river. SR 154 and SR 166 separate to turn to the southeast, and SR 92 continues its northward course along Fairburn Road into Douglasville. On the south side of town, the highway arcs westward and crosses I-20 at that freeway's exit 37. SR 92 passes into downtown and merges with to run westward with US 78/Georgia State Route 5 /SR 8 for several blocks before turn northward again. North of town, the highway crosses into Paulding County for the first time. There it follows Hiram–Douglasville Highway north into Hiram where it crosses a line of the Norfolk Southern Railway and intersects US 278/SR 6 (Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway).[2][3]

North of Hiram, SR 92 meets SR 360 and SR 120 in a pair of intersections while running northward through residential subdivisions on the western edge of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The roadway follows the county line and then crosses into Cobb County. It then returns to Paulding County again near the Pickett's Mill Battlefield. The state route follows Dallas–Acworth Highway back into Cobb County and past Allatoona High School before meeting US 41/SR 3 (Cobb Parkway). SR 92 turns southeasterly onto Cobb Parkway to cross one arm of Lake Acworth. SR 92 leaves the parkway to turn northward across another arm of the lake, entering Acworth. The highway follows Lake Acworth Drive through town and parallel to I-75 before crossing that freeway and entering Cherokee County, Georgia.[2][3]

In Cherokee County, SR 92 turns eastward along Alabama Road. The highway crosses I-575 in Woodstock. As passing through exit 7 of that freeway, SR 92 then arcs to the southeast, crossing the extreme northeastern corner of Cobb County to enter Fulton County near Mountain Park. The highway continues southeasterly into Roswell where it terminates at an intersection with SR 9/SR 120 (Alpharetta Highway) and SR 140 (Holcomb Bridge Road).[2][3]


Spalding County[edit]

SR 92 originally terminated at US 19/US 41. It was extended to is current terminus when the Griffin Bypass was built, and the Old US 19/US 41 became a business route.

Douglas County[edit]

Farburn Road (SR 92) began as a connector from Douglasville to US 278 in Hiram. It was slowly expanded to the route of today that roughly forms a western by-pass of Atlanta connecting suburban towns. Since the road evolved in what were extremely rural counties and joined together along previously existing county roads, the highway saw tremendous relocation during the mid to late 20th century.

Paulding County[edit]

SR 92 was originally routed into Dallas, and then overlapped US 278 going east, before breaking off, going towards Douglasville. In the 1970s, the routing was changed onto Bobo Road, with the old section going into Dallas designated as SR 92 Spur. In the late 1970s, the designation moved into its current position near and in some places right on the Cobb County line, on Hiram Acworth Highway, also called County Line Road. North of here it is on Dallas Acworth Highway, which formerly became Acworth Dallas Highway in Cobb.

In 1977, Southern Airways Flight 242 crashed onto SR 92 Spur in New Hope, killing 63 passengers and nine people on the ground. A nearby convenience store was destroyed as a result.

In 1981, Georgia 92 Spur became SR 381, which was deleted in the mid-1990s.

A connector route, SR 92 Connector, also existed on what is today East Paulding Drive. It later became SR 120 Connector before being deleted.

Cobb County[edit]

SR 92 enters Cobb County in three separate non-adjoining places in different parts of the county. In addition to the Acworth section, SR 92 also enters Cobb County just north of East Paulding Drive to just south of Due West Road. It also makes a brief entrance at the intersection of Sandy Plains Road. Upon reaching the northeast end while driving on Sandy Plains Road, signs for SR 92 north point south (right turn), even though Roswell is east, and signs for 92 south point north (left turn), even though Woodstock is west.

SR 92 originally was routed through downtown Acworth, concurrent with old US 41 on Main Street. As a result of the damming of Lake Allatoona, the road was rerouted onto a newly created stretch of road, Lake Acworth Drive from the new four-laned US 41 (Cobb Parkway) to Main Street. The older routing has been flooded as part of the lake. In the mid-1970s, an overpass over Main Street was constructed, and SR 92 was rerouted on this new stretch of Lake Acworth Drive connecting to Cherokee Street. The bridge (within Cobb County Regional Park around the lake) is also the dam for Lake Acworth, which existed before Allatoona, and now empties directly into it. SR 92 is concurrent with US 41 for part of the way, then makes an acute turn back south on Dallas Acworth Highway, its routing before the lake was flooded. The Cobb section was originally Acworth Dallas Highway, following local naming conventions that avoid confusion with Dallas Highway (SR 120) from Marietta (not prefixed because it is the county seat).

The reconstruction of the diamond interchange at Interstate 75 (I-75), which is immediately inside the line from Bartow and Cherokee counties, was nearly complete as of December 2008, and cost over $16.4 million. This is related to the widening of SR 92 to the north and west of this point in Cherokee, although it was a separate contract. This short section is called Cherokee Road and is in the unincorporated part of Cobb. At the southern edge of the intersection is the Acworth city limit, and it is at this point, rather than the more logical intersection just a few yards or meters south, that it becomes Cowan Road. At that intersection, Cowan continues south, SR 92 south turns west on Lake Acworth Drive, and that street continues east (parallel to I-75 south) as Baker Road.

Cherokee County[edit]

SR 92 originally was routed onto Kellogg Creek Road and portions of Bells Ferry Road. The road was rerouted to its present route, along the entire length (within the county) of Alabama Road in the late 1960s.

As the road west (south) of Woodstock has been widened in the late 2000s, it has been straightened and the path has been moved by several hundred yards or meters in three places, including a major viaduct over the flood plain of a stream near the lake. The part from Woodstock to Roswell was widened this way in the 1990s. Since then, the area has developed rapidly.

The section within the city limit of Woodstock and west of former SR 5 (Main Street to the north and Canton Road to the south), is the main business district for the town, outside of downtown. This section has an average of four lanes in each direction, plus several turn lanes, and the diamond interchange with I-575. It also crosses Noonday Creek, which briefly closed the road in 2005 when major flooding occurred after very heavy rains caused by Hurricane Dennis, which quickly followed Hurricane Cindy.

Fulton County[edit]

SR 92 terminated at Sandy Plains Road in extreme northeast Cobb County until the 1980s, when it was extended to its present-day terminus at SR 9 (Alpharetta Highway), SR 120, and SR 140. During the late 1980s or early 1990s, this section was made from two undivided lanes to be six lanes with a raised median. Entirely within the city limits of Roswell, it is known as Crossville Road near the town. On the west side, it is part of Woodstock Road which turns off to the southeast toward the town square.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[3] km Destinations Notes
Spalding Griffin 0.0 0.0 US 19 / US 41 / SR 3 – Hampton, Zebulon, Barnesville Southern terminus
Fayette Fayetteville 16.7 26.9 SR 85 south – Senoia Southern end of SR 85 concurrency
SR 54 – Jonesboro, Peachtree City SR 54 runs eastbound on Stonewall Avenue and westbound on Lanier Avenue
18.8 30.3 SR 85 north – Riverdale Northern end of SR 85 concurrency
Fulton Fairburn 30.4 48.9 US 29 / SR 14 – College Park, Palmetto
31.7 51.0 SR 138 east (Beverly Engram Parkway) – Jonesboro Western terminus of SR 138
34.0 54.7 US 29 Alt. / SR 14 Alt. (Fulton Parkway)
Campbellton 38.7 62.3 SR 70 / SR 154 south (Palmetto Cascade Highway) – Atlanta, Palmetto, Newnan Southern end of SR 154 concurrency
Douglas 39.5 63.6 SR 166 west – Carrollton Southern end of SR 166 concurrency
43.0 69.2 SR 154 east / SR 166 east – East Point Northern end of SR 154/SR 166 concurrency
Douglasville 48.2 77.6 I‑20 – Atlanta, Birmingham Exit 37 on I-20
50.0 80.5 US 78 east / SR 5 north / SR 8 east – Austell Eastern end of US 78/SR 5/SR 8 concurrency
50.4 81.1 US 78 west / SR 5 south / SR 8 west – Villa Rica, Whitesburg Western end of US 78/SR 5/SR 8 concurrency
Paulding Hiram 60.4 97.2 US 278 / SR 6 (Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway) – Dallas, Austell
61.6 99.1 SR 360 – Marietta
62.9 101.2 SR 120 – Dallas, Marietta
No major junctions
No major junctions
Cobb 73.3 118.0 US 41 north / SR 3 north (Cobb Parkway) – Cartersville Northern end of US 41/SR 3 concurrency
Acworth 74.7 120.2 US 41 south / SR 3 south (Cobb Parkway) – Kennesaw Southern end of US 41/SR 3 concurrency
78.0 125.5 I‑75 (Larry McDonald Memorial Highway) – Atlanta, Chattanooga Exit 277 on I-75
Cherokee Woodstock 86.1 138.6 I‑575 (Phillip Landrum Memorial Highway) – Canton, Marietta Exit 7 on I-575
No major junctions
Fulton Roswell 99.2 159.6 SR 9 / SR 120 (Alpharetta Highway) – Canton, Sandy Springs, Marietta
SR 140 (Holcomb Bridge Road) – Alpharetta, Norcross
Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related routes[edit]

Former Dallas–Cross Roads spur[edit]

State Route 92 Spur
Location: Dallas–Cross Roads

State Route 92 Spur (SR 92 Spur) was a connecting spur from Dallas to SR 92 in Cross Roads.[4] The route was re-designated as SR 381 and then decommissioned by GDOT.

Former New Hope–Hiram connector[edit]

State Route 92 Connector
Location: New HopeHiram

State Route 92 Connector (SR 92 Connector) was East Paulding Drive, a connecting spur from Spur 92 in New Hope to SR 92 northeast of Hiram.[4]

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