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A strobe beacon is a flashing electric lamp used in a variety of industries as an attention-getting device, either to warn of possible hazards, or to attract potential customers. Strobe beacons are similar to rotating beacons, but are more energy efficient, and with no moving parts, are more reliable and less likely to break.


Gas strobe beacons include Xenon flash lamp and halogen varieties. Gas strobe beacons consist of a gas-filled tube surrounded by a lens. When electricity is applied, the tube flashes, is magnified by the lens, and a 360 degree light is emitted. The intensity of the light depends on the amount of electricity provided.[1][2]

These lenses come in a variant of colors, mainly, Clear, Yellow, Amber, Red, Blue, and Green. The lens color can affect the intensity of light.[3]

LED strobe beacons consist of a base, a LED or group of LEDs, and a cover. A solid state flash controller is located within the base, which allows the LED beacon to operate in a variety of flash patterns.[4]

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