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Sun Moon University
Revised Romanization Seonmun University
McCune–Reischauer Sŏnmun Taehakkyo

Sun Moon University is a university located in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.

Sun Moon University motto is “Love God Love Humankind Love Your Country.” It is Situated in the center of Tangjung Crystal Valley and Asan New City, in the central region of the Korean peninsula. Sun Moon University is equipped with a beautiful campus, excellent faculty members and state-of-the-art educational facilities. Also, the university is close to the Korean Express Train (KTX) Cheonan-Asan Station. By ensuring a 40% room occupancy rate for registered students in the dormitory, Sun Moon provides the conditions for students to concentrate on their studies in a peaceful environment.

Sun Moon University makes every effort to nurture young leaders with sound character and morality to lead the 21st century. In addition to character education, Sun Moon is committed to professional education equipped with the languages and technologies that are essential prerequisites for leading the global community. The university also offers internship programs to strengthen industrial &academic cooperation with local businesses in an effort to broaden the window of opportunity for employment of our graduates. Sun Moon University is dedicated to support students through an abundant and diverse scholarship system, an excellent educational environment, a differentiated education system and the solid support of an educational foundation greater than other universities.

Founding Ideal[edit]

Founded in 1970, the founding ideal of Sun Moon University is 'Love for God, Love for People and Love for Nation'.

This ideal is the basis for Sun Moon University to realize the Ideal of 'Hongik Ingan', which is the humanitarian ideal for the Korean education and the ultimate goals of the Korean education to 'build up one's character, cultivate one's independent capacity, raise the quality of a democratic citizen, pursue a humane life, contribute to develop a democratic country and realize ideals of human prosperity'. It also serves as the backbone of the educational goals and aims of our Sun Moon University.

The founding ideals of Sun Moon University are 'Love God, Love Humanity and Love our Country' which are deeply rooted in 'True Love'.

The most precious value is the True Love of God worshipped by all human beings and followed by religions.

True Love is the basis of truth, goodness and beauty and becomes unshaken and unrivaled love forever. In addition, pure, beautiful and sacrificial love is the care for each other unconditionally.

'True Love' serves as the driving force for creation, breeding and development. The more love is given, the more human beings are flourished.

People will become happier, more vibrant and more pleased when they feel and practice 'True Love' in their daily life.

People born by the True Love can enter the world of eternal happiness by pursuing 'life of sacrifice' according to the properties of true love.

This is what God is meant to be and is the highest ideal that human beings desire.

Ae- Cheon (Love God) : Ae- Cheon in Korean means to love God.

   Loving God is that people correctly understand God who is the great creator of truth and the origin of the personality, follow His nature and live by pursuing His words. The people who love Him can balance wisdom, compassion and righteousness, and unite and harmonize their minds and bodies. Therefore, they ultimately become men of character. Likewise, people wish to stay in the 'True Love' of God forever by living with their hearts and conscience.

Ae- In (Love Humanity) Ae- In in Korean means to love humanity.

   Loving Humanity aims to establish mutual relationship among people, practice the life to internalize morality and norms, and foster citizenship which helps coexistence despite differences. It begins at home. Home is the shelter which is the place to complete the 'True love' and which is the foundation which children, siblings, married couples and parents all start from. When a home extends further, a society, a nation and the world are formed.

Ae- Guk (Love our Country) Ae- Guk in Korean means to love our country (patriotism).

   Loving country is to create the flawless nation by uniting God and people. Human beings are eager to contribute to the human prosperity and the world peace by building the world of welfare. To this end, people should develop God- endowed talents and creativity for knowledge, technology, art and athletics controlling nature through education in professional areas. 


The education goals are to contribute to national development and world peace by teaching, learning and researching academic theories and applications while promoting decent personality based on the founding principle.

1. Disciplining True personality

   - To understand God's true love properly
   - To recover true heart and conscience
   - To train self-motivated individuals with faith, integrity and respect for human 

2. Studying and researching the Academic Theories and its Applications

   - To research academic theories and technologies based on true love
   - To study religion and science developed in harmony
   - To develop education that contributes to human well being 

3. Contributing to the Nation's Development

   - To promote the creation and prosperity of Korea's culture and tradition
   - To develop creativity in various academic fields
   - To serve the society, nation and the world through professional knowledge and technology 

4. Contributing to the World Peace

   - To practice love for humanity
   - To realize culture of heart based on true love
   - To implement world peace and welfare through sacrifice and service 

Educational Objectives[edit]

Sun Moon University is dedicated to educating people to build the true personality through practicing education and research which is designed to build the foundation for academic system in pursuit of absolute values based on principle of respect for God.

Sun Moon University is dedicated to fostering global citizens who practices true love to realize peace and happiness of humans while demonstrating true humanity and brotherhood based on principle of love for humanity.

Sun Moon University is dedicated to nurturing professionals who serve the society, nation and world by developing creativity in various academic principles and technological areas based on patriotism.

1. Individuals with true personality who seek and practice the truth

   - Individuals who has a proper understanding of God
   - Individuals equipped with knowledge, heart and philosophy as a fundamental function of human activities
   - Individuals who practice true love 

2. Global citizens who promote the culture of heart

   - Family-oriented individuals who practice true love and chastity
   - Creator of culture based on love and heart
   - Global citizen who practices brotherhood 

3. Professionals who serve our society with creativity

   - Individuals who develop talent and characteristics based on creativity and ingenuity
   - Individuals who are good at arts and sports and has good knowledge and technology
   - Individuals who serve with professional knowledge and technology 
Sun Moon University
Established 1989
President Sun Jo Hwang
Location Asan, South Korea South Korea
Campus Rural(Asan-si Campus)

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