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Directed by Richard Christy
Sal Governale
Produced by Howard TV
Written by Richard Christy
Sal Governale
Starring JD Harmeyer
High Pitch Eric
Richard Christy
Sal Governale
Joey Boots
Artie Lange
Benjy Bronk
Steve "Wood-Yi" Freid
Distributed by Howard TV
Release date
January 4, 2006
Running time
30 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget ~$4,000

Supertwink is a 2006 American comedy film directed, written, and filmed by Richard Christy and Sal Governale. Produced and made for subscribers of Howard TV, an In Demand digital cable service operated by Howard Stern, the film stars members of Stern's radio show staff and "Wack Packers". The film premièred at the Pioneer Theater, in New York City, on January 4, 2006.

Despite claims that the film had a $4,000 budget, Christy stated on Stern's radio show that he spent no more than $700. When Stern asked Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper to review the film, Ebert refused to watch it, while Roeper's review was run over the film's ending credits.


An evil heterosexual supervillain Dr. Hetero (High Pitch Eric), vows to destroy the homosexual world. Supertwink (J.D. Harmeyer) is called to save the day.


  • JD Harmeyer as Supertwink and Bo Cocky
  • Benjamin Bronk as Queen Benjamin
  • Steve Freid as Lord Rectum
  • Dan "The Song Parody Man" Cooper as Boy Servant
  • Sal Governale as Paxton Fudge and Captain Sack
  • Richard Christy as Rusty Peters
  • Office Gazers: Doug Goodstein, Isaac Mark, Mike Gange, Scott DePace, Chris Costa, Sean Gordon, Glenn Stockfisch
  • High Pitch Eric as Dr. Hetero
  • Mike Bocchetti as Cock Hudson
  • Cock Hudson's Bar Dancers: Gay Ramone, Thomas J. Gorham, Brian O'Toole Jr., Joey Boots, Duane C. Cecil, Michael Denicola
  • Ronnie "The Limo Driver" Mund as Cock Hudson's Bar Doorman
  • Artie Lange as Cock Hudson's Bar Plumber
  • Fred "The Elephant Boy" as Man With A Gerbil Stuck In His Ass
  • Will Murray as Cum Faced Man
  • Tony Landolfi as Glitter Boy
  • Joey Boots as Fagola
  • Dr. Hetero's Women: Geraldine Gutierrez, Champagne Gillis, Seven von Sin
  • Gary the Retard as Man Under Paxton Fudge's Desk

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