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Map of the Szczecin region, not including administrative districts

Szczecin agglomeration or Stettin agglomeration is the urban agglomeration of the city of Szczecin and surrounding towns[1] in the Polish-German border area.

The Larger Urban Zone defined by Eurostat includes 777,806 people living on 5249 km2 in the area (2012).[2] It includes the cities and towns of Stargard, Świnoujście, Police, Schwedt, Goleniów, Gryfino, Prenzlau, Pasewalk, Ueckermünde, Eggesin, Gartz, Stepnica, Penkun, Brüssow and Nowe Warpno.

There are a group of villages situated between Szczecin and towns of the agglomeration. Villages Mierzyn, Löcknitz, Przecław, Dobra, Trzebież and Kobylanka are parts of the urban system.

Since 2012, the agglomeration is actively developed as the core of a wider European metropolitan area, likely including the German districts of Mecklenburgische Seenplatte, Vorpommern-Greifswald, Uckermark and the West Pomeranian districts neighbouring Szczecin in Poland.[3]


Wały Chrobrego (Hakenterrasse)
Szczecin (Stettin)
Port of Szczecin
Port of Police
Szczecin International Airport
PolandSzczecinPanorama.JPG Mk Stettin Hafen2.jpg 0905 Port Police ZPL 7.JPG Lotnisko Szczecin-Goleniów.jpg
The Old Town of
The former Red City Hall of Szczecin
City Gate in Pasewalk
Pasewalk, Germany
Seaside resort and port on Usedom Island
Świnoujście (Swinemünde)
Stargard Szczeciński, kolegiata.jpg PolandSzczecinRedCityHall.JPG MühlentorPasewalk.JPG Swinoujscie 30.jpg

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