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Shinhwa - TOP.jpg
T.O.P. cover
Studio album by Shinhwa
Released April 15, 1999 (1999-04-15)
Recorded 1999
Genre K-pop
Language Korean
Label SM Entertainment
Producer Lee Soo Man
Shinhwa chronology
Only One

T.O.P, is the second studio album of South Korean boy band Shinhwa. It was released on 15 April 1999 by SM Entertainment. The title T.O.P stands for Twinkling Of Paradise.

Track listing[edit]

Information is adapted from the liner notes of T.O.P.:[1]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Intro" Eric Mun Park Seong-soo S.S. Park 0:45
2. "Yo! (Brat Report)" (Korean: Yo! (악동보고서)) Yoo Young-jin Y.J. Yoo, Groovie.K Y.J. Yoo 3:45
3. "T.O.P. (Twinkling of Paradise)" Y.J. Yoo, E. Mun Y.J. Yoo Y.J. Yoo 4:37
4. "Cycle" (Korean: ) Kim Myeong-jik, E. Mun M.J. Kim Oh Han-song 4:00
5. "Nothing" Kim Dong-hyeon, E. Mun S.S. Park S.S. Park 3:40
6. "Breakin' the Silence" (Korean: 침묵을 깨고) Parl Eun-hui, E. Mun Park Hae-woon   3:37
7. "Desire" (Korean: 소망) Lee Jae-kyeong, E. Mun Im Ki-hoon   4:03
8. "To. G" Kim Dong-wan, E. Mun D.W. Kim D.W. Kim 3:49
9. "Grief" (Korean: 푸리) Kim Dong-wan, E. Mun, Lee Min-woo D.W. Kim D.W. Kim 3:02
10. "Return" Kim Dong-hyeon, E. Mun S.S. Park S.S. Park 3:59
11. "Forever with You" (Korean: 너의 곁에서) Shin Hye-sung, E. Mun Shin In-soo   3:55
12. "T.O.P." ((Extended Version)) Y.J. Yoo, E. Mun Y.J. Yoo Y.J. Yoo 4:22
13. "T.O.P." ((Edit Version)) Y.J. Yoo, E. Mun Y.J. Yoo Y.J. Yoo 3:35

Music video[edit]

Shinhwa's music video for "T.O.P" shows the six boys in white suits with a bright fantasy-like as the back-drop. "Yo!" was a different music video, with Lee Minwoo, a vocalist, as the a trouble-maker boy who falls in love with a girl, played by Kim Bo-mi.


It garnered much success with T.O.P climbing the charts quickly (debuting at #4 and peaking at #3), follow by Shinwha's second single, Yo!. Shinhwa's second album made a greater impact than their first one as it coincided with the breakup of H.O.T.[2] Although they promoted their first album well, Shinhwa did not do much promotions for their second album and instead, went on working with their third album. Despite the promotions, T.O.P was a success and spent about 24 weeks on the chart before it dropped, one of the very first accomplishments the band achieved. The first single, "T.O.P.", represented Shinhwa's first significant commercial success[3] and was noted for its use of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" music.[4]Years after its release, "T.O.P." has been performed on television with its original choreography by groups such as Girls' Generation,[5] Spica,[6] Super Junior,[7] and Bangtan Boys.[8]

The second lead track "Yo!" collected seven number one wins on live music programmes, a record it held until "This Love" from their eleventh album The Classic, which won eight first place wins in 2013.[9]


Chart Peak
Korea Monthly Albums (RIAK) May 1999[10] 3

Release history[edit]

Country Date Distributing label Format
South Korea 5 May 1999 SM Entertainment, Synnara Records CD (KSC-9014)[12]
Japan 19 September 2001 Avex Trax CD (AVCD-18016)[13]


Information is adapted from the liner notes of T.O.P.:[1]

Album production[edit]

  • Lee Soo-man - producer
  • KAT - recording engineer
  • Kim Young-hoon - recording engineer
  • Yeo Doo-hyeon - recording engineer
  • Jin-hoon (BLS) - mastering engineer
  • Hong Hyeon-ah - mastering engineer

Electric guitar[edit]

  • Groovie.K - "Yo! (악동보고서)", "T.O.P. (Twinkling of Paradise)", "Nothing", "To. G", "Grief", "Return"
  • Oh Han-sol - "Cycle"
  • Sam Lee - "Desire"
  • Lee Geun-hyeong - "Forever With You"

Bass guitar[edit]

  • Lee Tae-woon - "Yo! (악동보고서)", "Cycle", "Nothing"
  • Shin Hyeon-kwon - "Desire"


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