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TU is a band formed by King Crimson members Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto. They released one eponymous album in 2003.

They opened for Tool on its 10,000 Days tour on a few dates.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Untamed Chicken"
  2. "Absinthe & a Cracker"
  3. "The NOOOSE"
  4. "XTCU2"
  5. "Make my grave in the shape of a heart"
  6. "Terry's breath"
  7. "Snap, Crackle , Moo"
  8. "Hotel Fandango"
  9. "Misery Die . . .Die. . . Die"
  10. "Orlando in Bloom"
  11. "Pony"
  12. "Jamoohra"
  13. "Dakota"
  14. "Coda to Dakota"