Ta Khmau Municipality

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Ta Khmau Municipality


Krong Ta Khmau
Ta Khmau Municipality is located in Cambodia
Ta Khmau Municipality
Ta Khmau Municipality
Location of Ta Khmau, Cambodia
Coordinates: 11°29′N 104°57′E / 11.483°N 104.950°E / 11.483; 104.950
Country Cambodia
ProvinceKandal Province
 • TypeCity
5 m (16 ft)
 • Total195,898
Time zoneUTC+7 (Cambodia)

Krong Ta Khmau (Khmer: ក្រុងតាខ្មៅ, literally: "Black Grandfather") is the capital and largest city of Kandal Province in central Cambodia. The city is about 11 km (7 Miles) south of Phnom Penh (directly borders of Phnom Penh).

Approximately 60% of the citizens of Krong Ta Khmau travel to work in Phnom Penh.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Ta Khmau is divided into 10 communes.

  • Sangkat Kampong Samnanh
  • Prey Veng
  • Sangkat Takdol
  • Sangkat Takhmao
  • Sangkat Prekhor
  • Sangkat Prek Russey
  • Sangkat Svay Rolum
  • Sangkat Kaoh Anlong Chen
  • Sangkat Setbou
  • Sangkat Roka Khpos


Below are list of some institutions in Ta Khmau.

  • Lower Secondary School of Stung Chau
  • Hun Sen Ta Khmau High School
  • Hun Sen Sereypheap High School


  • Victory Hospital


  • Wat Krabao
  • Wat crocodile Hassan pagoda
  • Wat Puth Yetndy


  • Market corner of the factory
  • Dulux Market Takhmao
  • Takhmao Market
  • New Takhmao market
  • Prekhor Market


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