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Taehŭng County
Korean transcription(s)
 • Chosŏn'gŭl
 • Hancha
 • McCune–Reischauer Taehŭng-gun
 • Revised Romanization Daeheung-gun
Location of Taehŭng County
Country North Korea
Region Kwanso
Province South Pyongan
Administrative divisions 1 ŭp, 1 rodongjagu, 16 ri
 • Total 1,224 km2 (473 sq mi)
Population (2008)[1]
 • Total 32,915

Taehung County is a kun, or county, in the northeastern corner of South Pyongan Province, North Korea. It is bordered to the north by Ryongnim and Changjin, to the east by Yonggwang and Hamju, to the south by Yodok and Chongpyong, and to the west by Nyongwon and Tongsin. It is drained by the Taedong River, which rises in the north part of the county before flowing west into Yongwon.

The terrain of Taehung is higher and more mountainous than any other part of South Pyongan. Three mountain ranges, the Rangnim, Myohyang, and Puktaebong, pass through the county. The highest of the many peaks is Tongdaesan, at 2,094 meters above sea level.

Local agriculture is dominated by dry-field farming, with maize the chief crop. Lumber is sent down the Taedong River for processing. There are subterranean reserves of tungsten, gold, copper, and zinc. There are no railroads, but the county is served by roads which connect it to neighboring towns via the mountain passes.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Taehung County is divided into one town (ŭp), one workers' district (rodongjagu) and 16 villages (ri).[2][3]

Chosŏn'gŭl Hancha
Taehung-up 대흥읍 大興邑
Kyongsu-gu 경수노동자구 鯨水勞動者區
Rangnim-ni 랑림리 狼林里
Pyonghwa-ri 평화리 平和里
Sobaeng-ni 소백리 小白里
Taedong-ni 대동리 大同里
Illyong-ni 인룡리 仁龍里
Pokhung-ni 복흥리 福興里
Huksu-ri 흑수리 黑水里
Kwangtong-ni 광통리 廣通里
Ryongpyong-ni 룡평리 龍坪里
Unhung-ni 운흥리 雲興里
Changhyol-li 창현리 昌峴里
Tokhung-ni 덕흥리 德興里
Sinnam-ni 신남리 新南里
Munsam-ni 문삼리 文三里
Tohung-ni 도흥리 都興里
Kumsong-ni 금성리 錦城里

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