Tag and Bink: Revenge of the Clone Menace

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Tag and Bink: Revenge of the Clone Menace
Tag&Bink RevengeoftheCloneMenace.jpg
Publication information
Publishing company Dark Horse Comics
Subject Star Wars
Genre Science fiction
Release date(s) 26 April 2006
Country United States
Language English
No. of pages 32
Expanded Universe
Era Rise of the Empire
Galactic Year 22 BBY
Canon N
Preceded by Attack of the Clones
Followed by Nobody's Perfect
Script writer Kevin Rubio
Cover artist(s) Lucas Marangon & Dan Jackson
Artist(s) Lucas Marangon
Colorist(s) Dan Jackson
Letterer(s) Michael David Thomas
Designer(s) Amy Arendts
Editor(s) Dave Land
Assistant editor(s) Katie Moody
Publisher(s) Mike Richardson

Tag and Bink: Revenge of the Clone Menace is a comic book published on 26 April 2006 by Dark Horse Comics. The story is set in the Star Wars galaxy, and tells the origins of Tag Greenly and Bink Atauna. The entire story takes place during the storylines of The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, using the literary device known as red herring. The whole Tag and Bink series is collected in Tag and Bink Were Here.


Tag and Bink are shown as children, haplessly trying to become Jedi with Master Yoda. They find Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala in a restaurant, as seen in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, and later secretly give tips to Anakin on how to keep his relationship with Padmé. Anakin eventually leaves Tag and Bink stranded on Naboo when he goes to Tatooine. It takes them three years to get back to the Jedi Temple, just in time to see clone troopers end the Jedi Order. They are confronted by the newly formed Darth Vader, who spares them due to their past association, but they are told to give up their Jedi lives and move on. They do so. Tag and Bink Are Dead takes place about 20 years later.

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