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Star Wars Comic
Editor Jon Chapple
Categories Sci-fi, action and adventure
Frequency every four weeks
First issue July 1999
Company Titan Magazines
Country  United Kingdom
Language English
Website [1]

Star Wars Comic was a British comic published monthly by Titan Magazines. It previously featured comic strips reprinted from Star Wars graphic novels published in the United States, but later contained all-original content.

Publication history[edit]

A new volume of Star Wars Comic usually began around the time of a new movie release, but since the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated show aired on television it begins a new volume when a new series of the TV show is produced. So, in 2008, it began its fifth volume – now under the name of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Comic. Volume five ran for thirteen issues. It later moved on to volume six. The comic was retitled to simply 'Star Wars Comic' once again in 2014.

The final editor was Jon Chapple. Previous editors include Steve White, Andrew James and Mark McKenzie-Ray.


Below is a list of stories featured recently in Star Wars Comic:

  • Issue 5.13: Orbital Onslaught.
  • Issue 6.1: Inside Job.
  • Issue 6.2: Keep The Faith.
  • Issue 6.3: In Triplicate.
  • Issue 6.4: The Droid Deception.
  • Issue 6.22: Leisure

Up until volume six of Star Wars Comic was released, it featured comic strips re-printed from Dark Horse graphic novels. Each issue now features new and exclusive comic strips.

Related titles[edit]

Star Wars Galaxy[edit]

Star Wars Galaxy #17, February 2012

On 28 October 2010, Titan Comics launched a second Star Wars magazine named Star Wars Galaxy. It was very similar to the old style of the main Star Wars comic, which underwent a change in 2008 for its fifth volume, typically featuring three strips per issue, reprinted from original US comics. Occasionally, Star Wars Galaxy would run stories which had years previously been printed in Titan's original Star Wars comic, such as the Star Wars Tales story "Resurrection". It was printed as a regular-sized comic book, similar to Titan's DC Collector's Edition series which features titles such as Batman Legends. The final issue was number 24.

Totally... Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace[edit]

Issue 15 of Titan's Totally... magazine was a one off special for the February 2012 3D re-release of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. It featured an original comic strip titled 'Duel of the Fates', written by Steve White and pencilled by Will Sliney. The strip featured several panels which could be viewed in stereoscopic 3D with the use of 3D glasses given away free with the magazine.


Short samples of Star Wars Comic were given away inside Region 2 DVDs of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 2.


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