Tahajjud Cinta

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Tahajjud Cinta
Tahajjud Cinta.jpg
Studio album by Siti Nurhaliza
Released 9 September 2009 link
Recorded 2009
Genre Spiritual
Label Siti Nurhaliza Productions
Producer Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Audi Mok, Eddie Marzuki, Tya Subkiato
Siti Nurhaliza chronology
Lentera Timur
Tahajjud Cinta
All Your Love
Singles from Tahajjud Cinta
  1. "Ketika Cinta"
    Released: 2008
  2. "Batasku Asaku"
    Released: 2008
  3. "Ku Percaya Ada Cinta"
    Released: 2009 [1]

Tahajjud Cinta is the fourteenth album by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza and also her first album to be categorised as a spiritual or religious album. The album was released on 9 September 2009 during the holy month of Ramadhan to celebrate the lack of albums in the market that propose the holistic genre.[2]


The album is composed of eight songs where two of the songs are actually covered versions which is Ketika Cinta and Pintu Rindu. The first song is actually a covered version of a single by an Indonesian religious singer, Opick whereas the latter one is a song that was originally in Arabic before it was recorded into Bahasa Malaysia.[3] The song Ketika Cinta was also used in an Indonesian film, Perempuan Berkalung Sorban together with the song Batas Asaku. At the bridge of this song, Siti Nurhaliza using her falsetto ranged at E6 whereas the highest notes of head tone she had done.

Track listing[edit]

With eight songs, the album was created by famous Malaysian and Indonesian composers and writers like Habsah Hassan, Audi Mok and others to suit the spiritual genre.

# Title Songwriter(s)
1. "Asma Ul Husna" Eirma Fatima 06.00
2. "Pintu Rindu" Copyright controlled, Hairul Anuar Harun 04.58
3. "Tahajjud Cinta" Eirma Fatima, Hairul Anuar Harun 05.12
4. "Batasku Asaku" Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Attan Hardila 04.10
5. "Ku Percaya Ada Cinta" Audi Mok, Habsah Hassan 04.36
6. "Ya Rasullulah" Abu Bakar Mohd Yatim 04.55
7. "Ketika Cinta" Opick 04.03
8. "Selawat" Copyright controlled 04.43


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