Tai Tong

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View of Tai Tong in June 2010
Tai Tong
Traditional Chinese大棠
Archway of Tai Tong Tsuen in April 2011.
Autumn Leaves attract many people to take pictures during winter. Taken in January 2015.

Tai Tong is an area southwest of Shap Pat Heung, in Yuen Long District, in the northwestern part of Hong Kong.

Tai Tong Village of Tai Tong Tsuen (大棠村) is located in the area.


Tai Tong is famous for its Lychee mountain. Over there, it has been a prime spot for Hong Kong programs set in the olden times.

There's also an airsoft site located in the area.[1]

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Coordinates: 22°25′N 114°01′E / 22.417°N 114.017°E / 22.417; 114.017