Takeshi Caesar

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Caesar Takeshi
Born Tomofumi Murata
(1955-08-17) 17 August 1955 (age 61)
Yamaguchi, Japan
Other names Caesar
Nationality Japan Japanese
Division Welterweight
Style Shoot boxing

Tomofumi Murata (村田 友文?, Murata Tomofumi) (born August 17, 1955), better known by his ring name Takeshi Caesar (シーザー武志?, Shīzā Takeshi), is a Japanese former kickboxer and the founder of shoot boxing.[1][2][3]


Murata started competing in kickboxing at age of 16, being trained in the Nishio Gym. He adopted the name of Takeshi Caesar and won the Asia Pacific Kickboxing Federation Welterweight Championship, making a name for himself. In 1984, he became interested in professional wrestling and was introduced to Satoru Sayama, who trained him in shoot-style at his Super Tiger Gym. Caesar then was contacted by Karl Gotch and Akira Maeda and was part of the Universal Wrestling Federation. After the fall of UWF, his experiences with its wrestling style induced him to creating a similarly mixed style of kickboxing, which he called shootboxing. His company had his first event in 1985, and had working agreements with Newborn UWF and later with Fighting Network RINGS and Pancrase.

Championships and accomplishments[edit]


Year Title Role
1990 Tekken Minoru Hiraoka
1991 Ote Onitsume
1995 Kamikaze Takushi Yakuza
1995 Shinjuku Triad Society Karino
1995 Shin daisan no gokudō: boppatsu Kansai gokudō sensō Hazama
1996 The Way to Fight -
1996 Fudoh: The New Generation Akihiro Gondo
1997 Full Metal Yakuza Tosa
1997 Kishiwada Shonen Gurentai: Chikemuri junjô-hen Bar owner
1998 Kishiwada Shōnen Gurentai: Bōkyō Riichi's uncle
1999 Ley Lines -
2004 Izo Samurai


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