Tales of the Night

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Tales of the Night
Still from the segment "Le Prince des joyaux."
Created byMichel Ocelot
Written byMichel Ocelot
Directed byMichel Ocelot
StarringSophie Edmond
Cyrille Artaux
Eric Bottom
Philippe Destre
Pierre Jarillon
Patrice Leroy
Theme music composerAlain Marchal[1]
Country of originFrance
Original language(s)French
Producer(s)Didier Brunner[2]
Editor(s)Michèle Péju[3]
Running time26 minutes
Original networkCanal+
Original release
  • 1992 (1992)
Preceded byCiné si (1989)
Followed byDragons et princesses (2010)

Tales of the Night (French: Les Contes de la nuit) is a 1992[4] French silhouette animation television special[4] written and directed by Michel Ocelot. It aired on Canal+ in France, ZDF in Germany and Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.[5] It is a trilogy of three further fairy tales in much the same format as Ciné si.


A boy, a girl and an old technician get together in an abandoned cinema to invent stories, the boy and the girl play after then made costumes. The three stories are "La Belle Fille et le sorcier" ("The Pretty Girl and the Sorcerer"), "Bergère qui danse" ("The Dancing Shepherdess") and "Le Prince des joyaux" ("The Prince of Jewels").[4] Unlike La Princesse insensible and Ciné si, Tales of the Night is on 35 mm film.[6]


"Le Prince des joyaux" was also shown in French cinemas in 1994[7] (and later released on VHS)[8] as part of the Folimage-organised package film Le Petit Cirque et autres contes.[9] All three individual segments (though still lacking the original opening, ending and bridging segments) were made available on DVD-Video with the release of Les Trésors cachés de Michel Ocelot in 2008.[3]


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