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Media Adaptation Notes[edit]


The film set a precent; namely, Wes Craven decided to simplify the story. Swamp Thing's prime foe is Anton Arcane, but Arcane was not the man who caused the Swamp Thing's origin. That man was a Gotham white collar conspirator named Nathan Ellery. Arcane only showed up at the end of issue#1, and was more of a Lovecraftian sorcerer/Victor Frankenstein/Dr. Herbert West figure who even lived in Transylvania. However, Craven retooled Arcane by combining him with Nathan Ellery (two of the thugs serving Arcane in the film, namely Ferrett and Bruno, share names with two of the thugs working for Nathan Ellery in Swamp Thing#1). This anticipated the 1989 Batman movie having the Joker as the slayer of the Waynes as a young mugger, and also for adaptations that have the Kingpin behind the death of Daredevil's father.

17:11, 4 November 2006 (UTC)~Enda80