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Add reference to British Argosy?[edit]

A short story magazine in paperback size, the UK-published Argosy from 1957 to 1962 (at least) published some of the best-known authors in short stories and short serials, along with a few page-fillers of fun quotations, excerpts and a very few little cartoons. (talk) 07:16, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

ERB information crocked[edit]

I have not read the reference source, and cannot say how much of what is here is that author's claim, and how much is misunderstanding by the Wiki contributor. However, "Under the Moons of Mars" was never a short story. (See Lupoff, Edgar Rice Burroughs: Master of Adventure and every other source I have seen for 50 years.) So it wasn't expanded. Rather, the novel was serialized, then book-published. The same process (normal for novels back then) was used for The Gods of Mars and The Warlord of Mars (no mention of that). "Serialized series"? O_o

So if the contributor got this scrambled, what else is messed up? I might suggest a glance at the Isabel Ostrander article to see some of the name mutations. HollyI (talk) 22:12, 2 July 2012 (UTC)

What does the Lupoff book say? The specific passage with citation, including page number, can go into the article. (Poking around, I've just seen that the official zine ERB seems to refer to it as a story, and the contents page of All-Story refers to it was one of several "serialized stories": --Tenebrae (talk) 22:39, 2 July 2012 (UTC)