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Severe issues[edit]

If references are no longer a criteria for inclusion on Wikipedia we might be able to get this article promoted to B-class, in all three relevant projects, possibly using Wikipedia:Ignore all rules as justification. If, on the other hand, we still ascribe to some order of policies and guidelines, we might want to make some considerations.
The severe issue is that this article is classified as "C-class" in three projects, and checked for B-class in one. At least referencing was cited as a reason for not passing. If my browser has gone south and took a dump I will apologize in advance. If that is not the case then surely I can not be the only editor that might see a problem with an article being elevated pass "stub-class" with no references. I guess that is allowed by classification editing guidelines.
  • Start-class criteria for an article: "It might or might not cite adequate (key word) reliable sources.", and editing suggestions: "Providing references to reliable sources should come first".
  • C-class criteria for an article: "The article should have some references to reliable sources".
With strict compliance to these criteria I think we can slide the article into a B-class, certainly if we had but one reference for good looks. Otr500 (talk) 10:18, 9 June 2016 (UTC)