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Wrong data in the cloning article[edit]

There is written in the article cloning: Many organisms, including aspen trees, reproduce by cloning. But this is not true! The aspen tree builde its babies in a very different way than person do "cloning" in the laboratories! Its not the same "cloning"! Absolutly not!

We just are at the beginning of understanding the very comlex and complicated theme gene, clone, reproducing, genetics and all the subjects that are important around that. Even a doc that has more then 50 years of expericance, or for a natural science prof it is a hard and complecated subjects! If just speak with 3 of them our own oppinion can become more clear. Without speaking with people of expericance from different views, we are not possible to get a differentiated perspective! Thats for sure! In every subject in live! If we write down the important things, we are f.e.g. able to easy remember things. If we dont write down, our own memory is overloaded nowadays.
If the system of nationalsozialism about 70 years ago, would take much more time for its development, for the verification and finding of the optimum and the truth, it would for sure not be the same result in the ending. - If we look at the details exactly and accurate, than we can begin to understand, but not without that, ont by just reading and cloning or just coping words and oppinion of other people. - Everybody should have true and at least differentiated informations, but how, when ther is so much hidden and unclear, dubious positioned publicity, ads, promotions, recruitments, adverts...or just everywhere the god and religion of making money. --2A02:1205:5009:C1F0:5848:B189:CE93:EFEF (talk) 15:40, 25 June 2017 (UTC)