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China's involvement[edit]

Chinese names for portuguese

Portugal (佛朗機)

Fo-lang-ji (佛郎機)

Pu-li-du-jia (蒲麗都家)

In 1517 vice commisioner wang hong starts defeating the portuguese, who were kidnapping boys and girls

In 1518 when portuguese envoys arrive, they are rejected by china on the grounds that there is no country called fo lang ji (portugal) in the southern ocean and they are not to be trusted

Chinese Portuguese (fo-lang-ji) battles


China forced portuguese to surrender and hand over advanced weapons technology

In 1524 chinese military at nanjing asks for technicians from guangdong to reverse engineer the captured portuguese cannon and supply them to nanjing

In 1530 china mentions wang hong's victory over the portuguese a few years earlier

In 1547 chinese defeat portuguese at zhang-zhou, fujian

In 1549 Zhu Wan captures portuguese commander "kings" in zhejiang and fujian

In 1550 china defeats portuguese at zhangzhou

In 1565, a portuguese pretending to be malaccan comes to china to offer tribute, and then says he is from portugal, china then says there is no such country as portugal in the southern ocean so he must be a fo lang ji, and rejects him as untrustworthy

In 1591 huang ying-jia discusses the effectiveness of portuguese cannon

In 1610 Ministry of war submits chen zi-zhen's proposals on using portuguese "senior general" guns against japan

1606 alleged conspiracy invasion involving the jesuits and portuguese

In 1617, china suspects catholic missionaries of being portuguese and accuse them of spreading heretical doctrines

In 1619 china discusses the portuguese at macau. They formerly paid taxes and then suddenly embarked on expansion in the surrounding area, keeping japanese as their underlings

In 1621 china has 12 portuguese guns at the military headquarters for the capital training divisions

A chinese envoy to malacca


When the Portuguese tried to come to China as conquerors, however, they suffered setbacks they had never suffered before.,+however,+they+suffered+setbacks+they+had+never+suffered&dq=When+the+Portuguese+tried+to+come+to+China+as+conquerors,+however,+they+suffered+setbacks+they+had+never+suffered&hl=en&sa=X&ei=InEHUZ36J9HV0gH66oDQBw&ved=0CC8Q6AEwAA

The Chinese accused the Portuguese leader Simao de Andrade of roasting and eating Chinese children, while Portuguese chronicles admit that Simao kidnapped children to sell them. This should be edited into the article regarding China's reaction to the Portuguese.

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China demanded that the portuguese hand back melaka to the sultan

Sack of Malacca[edit]

Portuguese conquest of malacca and the massacre of the population.

I'm not sure if it is anti-Arabism per se or just anti-Islam, since Portugal came out from under Muslim rule and developed a very strong anti-Islamic sentiment. They seemed to have deliberately seperated Arabs frok others in their Indian Ocean campaigns for brutal treatment