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31 Jan 07 question: M DIDNT sell out in Moscow, or did she?[edit]

In the article under the 'ticket sales' section it even says so:

  1. On August 8, 2006, more than 35,000 tickets for the first ever Madonna's concert in Moscow went on sale and, as claimed by show organizers, all were sold out in four days, which could be a new record in that country as all other artists had taken more than 2 weeks to sell out the tickets in the region. However, after many troubles with the concert (venue uncertainty, date change, ticket exchange), and, obviously, huge amount of tickets in the hands of speculators, tickets were on sale at their nominal values until the last minute.[7]

While many media outlets reported that the Moscow show sold out 4 days,the night of the concert, tickets were still being sold for the numerous empty/unsold/available seats. ---

Okay, originally Live Nation had planned two outdoor shows outside Moscow University with 35-40k tickets to be put on sale per night. The first show went on sale with 36,000 and sold out in 4 days, and the second was to follow shortly. Unfortunately authorities decided the concert site was too vulnerable and couldn't be properly secured so the 2 concerts were cancelled and the tickets refunded. They then put the show for Luzhinki Olympic Stadium on sale 4 days before the show and the initial alotment sold out. That doesn't mean every seat was put up for sale in the stadium however, they could've still been releasing seats the night of the show. Billboard reported the concert as a sell-out regardless. Hopefully Madge will hit Russia on tour again to make up for that second cancelled show!

Madonna isn't touring Australia, that needs to be fixed up.[edit]

- See links on page for your answer. Madonna may very well be touring Austrlia acording to Warner Music Australia. [1]

I've removed the speculation about Australia. Information on the page should be limited to facts only; the press release issued by Madonna and Warner doesn't mention Australia - and article you linked to doesn't include any confirmation whatsoever. I'm sure Warner Records in Slovenia will be encouraging M to go there on the tour too - doesnt mean its going to happen! If its confirmed in the future then re-add the info (there will almost certainly be more dates added - especialling in the UK). Rimmers 20:03, 5 April 2006 (UTC)

Nothing speculative should be put on Wiki; only the official facts about the tour should be added. PatrickJ83 03:30, 9 April 2006 (UTC)

The first European date in Cardiff is not in England but in Wales. Istabo 20:18, 10 June 2006 (UTC)

the battle why cher should have won[edit]

According to statements from Cher's Camp and previous press notes regarding the number of tickets sold, the number of shows preformed and final estimated grossing of the entire tour, I must make an argument. The top grossing female tour would have to be Cher's Farewell Tour with totals coming in at around $250 million. About 52 dates have been erroneously unaccounted for by Billboard and others. Billboard is only accounting for 273 of Cher's 325 shows. I believe this to be a fabrication on Madonna's part in hopes to claim an unearned title and to also go out of her way once again to popularize her self through the media. A marketing scam and media fabricated story that is shouldn't be accepted as the truth.

Madonna's Tour:

  • Spent 5 months on tour.
  • Preformed 60 dates.
  • Average ticket prices were between $55 and $350.
  • The show grossing a reported $193.7 million.
  • About 1.2 million tickets sold.

According to -

Recently Billboard Magazine has reported that the total grossing of the Farewell tour was $192.5 million during a period of 273 concerts, but Cher herself announced on her last concert that her last show was actually the 325th show meaning Billboard has left out 52 of Cher's shows which if are counted together sum up a grossing of $250 million. Although many sources reveal both grosses, it's still unknown which is indeed the real gross.

According to,, and^ -

  • Began June 14, 2002 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada^
  • Ended April 30, 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California.^
  • Originally a 55 date tour.
  • Additional dates created to keep up with demand, 325 dates total.+
  • Over 3 million tickets sold.+
  • Ticket prices averaged between $35 and $150.
  • Preformed in 20 different countries.^
  • Nearly 3 years on tour.+
  • Over 17 million viewed the televised special.+
  • Cher won an Emmy for the televised special.+
  • DVD release of concert topped the charts.+
  • Tour grossed about $250 million.+


hey well on the 2008 guiness world records, the record for madonna's confessions tour is "Highest grossing female tour PER SHOW", so madonna really holds that record, soon Celine Dion record FOR HIGHEST GROSSING FEMALE TOUR (not per show), because she did about what, 500 dates, Cher did around 400 or something, and Madonna did only 60, and she grossed very high.

Cher and Madonnas Tour[edit]

The facts of Cher's tour have not chaned.

Here is his column from July 5 2005 Ask Billboard by Keith Caulfield


Hi Keith, I have a quick one for you. I got an e-mail from a friend/die-hard Cher fanatic who claims Cher has had the most successful tour of all time. I tried googling the topic "most successful concert of all time" and all other combinations of those terms but have not found anything. I hope you can answer me on this one.

Thanks, and more power! Best Regards, RJ Jensen

Hi RJ,

While Billboard only maintains records of concert earnings and data going back to 1990, it's safe to say that Cher's most recent tour was the biggest and higest-grossing of any by a female artist.

Cher's three-year Living Proof Farewell Tour played 280 shows in North America, grossing $195 million and selling 2.88 million tickets. If you include Australia and Europe, the tour did 325 dates and well over $200 million in box office receipts.

Cher wrapped up the Living Proof tour April 29-30 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, selling out both nights and grooing $2.8 million.

Thats not enough; you need to prove substantial sources and verifiable links to RELIABLE sources. Without it appropriate information, you cant remove the claim this is the biggest female tour - becuase Billboard claim it is, and thats the information that is going to stay in the article until proven otherwise. Rimmers 18:38, 23 September 2006 (UTC)

JANET Tour[edit]

Isn't the "Janet. Tour" from Janet Jackson the highest grossing tour by a female artist? ummmmm... no. not even close. Madonna, Cher, Tina Turner and Shania Twain all have higher grossing tours.

It isn't any more at least (the janet. Tour). Janet has the highest grossing debut tour of anyone, though.

Page protected[edit]

Due to the slow edit war that's been going on for the past couple of weeks, I've fully protected the page for one month. Please come to a consensus as to what to do with the set list and article in general, then either contact me or use an {{editprotected}} tag to request an edit to the page. If protection is not required for the full time, please contact me or request unprotection at WP:RFPP. Cheers. lifebaka++ 19:32, 4 August 2008 (UTC)

I do not have "ownership" over the said article or any others. I only want them to be accurate. Dancefloor royalty's edits are not accurate, not official and if you actually go to the reference, you can see that my set list is actually from the official tourbook and not a DVD or CD tracklisting. I am only trying to give factual information on the page, Dancefloor royalty is giving an opinion as to the setlist, not the referenced accurate one. The main point to Wikipedia is to give referenced and factual information not your opinion. Please go to [2] it may be a fansite but this reference is the official tourbook with the official setlist included. Both songs "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" and "Music Inferno" were released as official promo CD singles by Warner Bros. Records. Here are some other references: "Music Inferno" - The official ASCAP listing: [3] As for "Erotica" it is not the "Unreleased Demo Version" as listed by Dancefloor, it is a brand new remix with additional lyrics from the demo. If Dancefloor had heard the demo she would know that this version is nothing like it. I hope this clears up this matter! JWAD (talk)
Yes, you do claim ownership over Madonna articles and I am not going to start another fiasco with you. FL/IFL and MI were promotional singles released for the live album, not the tour. Additionally, when I edited this article, there was a link to a fan site (mad-eyes) and I see that has been removed. And if you want to be so "accurate", FT/IFL is listed as two separate songs, not one. Also, ASCAP. If you contact the number that is referenced (both WB and the ASCAP Clearance one), you find that title reference is for sheet music, not lyrics or song titles. Alkclark (talk) 05:55, 7 August 2008 (UTC)

As posted on the Incident board:

All of my edits were clearly justified. Additionally, he is referencing sources from fan sites and message boards which is not viewed as credible by Wikipedia's standards. And there is no official setlist posted for Confessions on Madonna's website. As outlined in my edit summaries, a setlist (and/or running order) is not a DVD or CD tracklisting. You cannot use these as references b/c songs that were performed during the tour may have been omitted for various reasons (for the VHS/LD/DVD recording). Additionally, (as I explained in my edit summaries) there is no song registered/copyrighted/etc. entitled "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" or "Music Inferno". "Future Lovers" samples the bass line of "I Feel Love" and Madonna sung lines from the song during the tour (thus the reason why I changed it from "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" to "Future Lovers (contains excerpts from "I Feel Love)).

Also, Music is performed with the melodies of Music, Disco Inferno (infused together)along with music samples of "Where's the Party" and "Everybody" (as referenced and mentioned by Stuart Price in many interviews). Thus, the reason why I changed "Music Inferno" to "Music" (contains elements of "Where's the Party", "Everybody" and "Disco Inferno"). I believe another song is "Erotica". A special remixed version was made for the tour (the album version is not performed) and I clearly outlined that it was a remix based upon the original recorded demo of the song. Dancefloor royalty (talk) 01:27, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

I am aware and I do believe in Wikipedia's polices for accuracy, however, there was nothing inaccurate about my edits. I displayed the information in a more organized, uniformed and acceptable way for a tour article, not a DVD or CD tracklisting. I agree with opinions given above, however, I have not contacted any numbers thus I cannot say that this is true. No, I am not a passionate Madonna fan as JWAD is but I have read articles that stated that "Erotica" is based upon the unreleased demo version and I have attended the tour and it is not the album version...what is wrong with stating that its a remix and not the album version. The same information is given that is displayed in the tourbook (source), just in a different manner.

(I feel that the references to "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" and "Music Inferno" should remained referenced in the B/R sections along with the references in Confession Tour (album) article) Dancefloor royalty (talk) 06:38, 7 August 2008 (UTC)

Personal attacks on me i.e. Bullying, displayed above, are unnecessary and are going to be reported. Basically Wikipedia is here to inform people of information, in an orderly and accurate manner.
  1. Alkclark (talk) was editing the page with the setlist first, box office etc. then mentioning the history and details of the show at the bottom of the article. This matter was settled by admin as it was decided that an accurate article should have history, details of the show etc. at the beginning of the article. This is called progression. Case closed, matter settled by admin. As for ASCAP i think you should check your facts, if its registered on their website then it is a song title and it displays who wrote it.
  2. Dancefloor royalty (talk): your setlist is your opinion. You DO NOT have a reference for your setlist, mine might be a fansite but it displays the official tourbook with the official setlist in it (I must also point out that the official tourbook was on but has been taken off the tour section beacuse of the new tour). The titles for the two songs in question ARE "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" and "Music Inferno" as detailed on the CD/DVD and the tourbook and other Madonna sites. Anyway, since when is the DVD release classed as an inaccurate reference? It is after all part of the dynamics of the tour! All I would like is a compromise with accurate and factual details, not opinion. JWAD (talk) PS the "Erotica" demo is from 1992 not 1991.

If you look at the set list in the tour book, the remix for LIWB is not mentioned (nor is it on the DVD track listing), nor are any of the interludes. Additionally, as stated above by Alkclark, the tour book lists Future Lovers and I Feel Love as two separate entries not one. It could have been changed for the CD/DVD release for legal reasons, etc. I also stated that a DVD could not contain songs that were performed on the tour (as some DVD's do). Thus, they cannot be used as a sole source for a setlist. (a good example of this is Cher's Farewell Tour). This setlist is the exact same information that I have listed above, just displayed in a different fashion. Before I edited the set list, there was no reference to Borderline, etc. being used in the interlude nor any other additions I have made. If I am not mistaken, you basically took my edits and changed them to:

* "Future Lovers" (contains excerpts from "I Feel Love") "to "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" .
*"Confessions" (background dancers performance interlude)to Dancers Interlude: "Confessions"
*"Sorry (Remix)" (background dancers performance and video interlude)to Video/Dancers Interlude: "Sorry (Remix)"
*"Let It Will Be (Paper Faces Vocal Edit)"(which is how it is entitled on the "Sorry" single) to "Let It Will Be" (Paper Faces Remix)
*Music [...] to Music Inferno [...]
With a majority of the items, you, instead of placing them in parentheses next to the song, you added them as sub-notes to the bottom of the list. What is the difference? You know more about Madonna's recording history then I do so that makes you accurate? So, because you listed the songs as "FL/IFL" and "MI" that makes your list accurate and mine a matter of opinion? You state the accuracy of your setlist based upon how it appears in the tour book yet many of mine and your additions do not appear in said tour book. Please give a detailed explanation of the differences between the revised setlist you posted and the one I posted, beyond style, format and organization, because I cannot see how you are stating your setlist is fact and mine is an opinion. Dancefloor royalty (talk) 08:04, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

I was actually trying to come to a compromise with your setlist and was giving my suggestions thats all. The Paper Faces Remix listing was a compromise to yours, as you cannot say it is Paper Face Vocal Edit as you do not know if that is accurate, is it identical to the CD single release? There is also a Paper Faces Vocal Remix version, is it this one?. I gave my opinion on what I feel the setlist should be. I hope I am making that clear. As for the DVD/CD release, it is an accurate reference for the tour, I know some releases omit songs etc. but this release did not and actually gave a detailed account of the songs used. "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" and "Music Inferno" are the titles on the DVD and were released as promo singles. Both "Future Lovers" and "I Feel Love" are on the tourbook setlist, so I don't think its appropriate to mention "I Feel Love" as an element, as in fact it is performed at the end of the song. Therefore the title "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" is the appropriate title. "Music Inferno" is the title used on both the tourbook and the DVD release so it should be listed as such. My setlist is fact as I am using references from the official tourbook, the official CD/DVD release which is authorised by Madonna and Warner Bros. You on the other hand are using details which are unreferenced, not official and quite frankly your opinion. JWAD (talk)

I do apologize and I am not trying to drag this matter out any further but your reasoning is still unclear to me. You constantly repeat how my set list is an opinion yet I do not see where I made an opinionated statement. The edits I made were a modification of the setlist that was already posted. The items in the parentheses were already there. I did not add the Paper Faces Remix to "Let It Will Be". I searched Google for Paper Faces... and according to HMV (UK site) there was a track on the "Sorry" single entitled "Let It Will Be (Paper Faces Vocal Edit). I have not heard the edit but the times matched. There may have been multiple versions of the Sorry single issued so I did not know other forms of the Paper Faces Edit existed. As far as FL is concerned, I think its only appropriate if the singer begins to sing one song and merges into the next and merges back into the previous. For example, Kylie Minogue's "Light Years" is formed around the same bassline and on the Fever tour, she sung the same verse from IFL during her performance of that song. On DVD, its was simply listed as 'Light Years' and on the tour article, it is listed as Light Years (with excerpts of I Feel Love). Because it is not identical to Donna Summer's version, I see the slash as being inappropriate. As I stated before, there may have been reasons why its different on the tour book and CD/DVD. Not to make another Kylie reference but her Fever2002 DVD listed Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head while the tour book lists it as CGYOOMH. I also don't think there isn't an official recording of the blended songs besides audio optained from the tour thus why there needs to be a separation. I honestly feel the only justification your using in the fact versus opinion argument is the FL (IFL) v. FL/IFL and M(...) v. MI. IMHO, both setlist are based on fact, the information is displayed in different ways. I feel that saying "Future Lovers" (contains excerpts from "I Feel Love") is the same as saying "Future Lovers/I Feel Love" and etc.Dancefloor royalty (talk) 12:03, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

If you feel bullied, that your own personal thing. Report as you may. It seems odd to get offended by someone you don't know, who doesn't know you and someone you will never meet. As editors, we are all giving our opinions (as an opinion is a statement based upon a fact) using reliable references as justification and clarification. As stated, I contacted ASCAP and WB Music Publishing myself and they both stated that the title is referencing sheet music, not song lyrics. (As there are no lyrics from Disco Inferno used with Music, only the melody). I have seen dancefloor royalty's work on KM pages and although she can be a hardass at times, she means well. I do agree that the setlists are similar and the differences are very subtle. If my opinion counts, dancefloor_royalty's setlist looks more cohesive and organized. It reads better as well. I say keeps dancefloor_royalty's rhythm and style and come to a decision over Future Lovers and Music. And yes, it is the PFVE for Let It Will Be. Alkclark (talk) 14:45, 9 August 2008 (UTC)

I commend the debate on the playlist for the tour. Details are important! I do think that there is more than one "correct" listing, and what is currently in the wiki entry is pretty good. I do offer up one consideration however: I don't think referencing the remix used in the concert makes sense. Yes, the live version of "Let It Will Be" resembles the Paper Faces Vocal remix more than other versions of the song. That said, it also has elements from the album version that are not in the remix. More importantly, dozens of Madonna's live versions reference one or more remixes, but I don't think it is feasible to annotate all of her live performances with the remixes that influenced the live version. The live version is the live version. If a different song is excerpted, that is worth mentioning, but I don't think it is feasible to identify the remixes that influenced the live version. That kind of information can go in the description rather than on the set list. If remixes were to be annotated, then surely "Sorry" also needs to reference that it is the Pet Shop Boys mix. In that case, I think there is an even better argument to annotate since there are vocals (not just mixing) by Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys. Anyway, something to consider. Maybe more important than the set list is that there are some things in the entry that are actually wrong, such as the comment that the elements of "Everybody" were kept at the end of "Erotica" even though "Everybody" was cut from the concert because Stuart and Madonna liked it. Not true -- if you listen to the live version, there is no "Everybody" sampled. "Everybody" is excerpted at the end of the "live demo" version that appeared on ICON radio; ICON played it as part of a continuous mix and since "Everybody" followed "Erotica", a bit of "Everybody" is heard at the end. Those who have heard the "live demo" version of "Everybody" that leaked know that it actually begins differently anyway. Another problem with the current entry - "Nothing Fails" is said to have been rehearsed to be included in place of "Drowned World/Substitute For Love" at some venues, but then scrapped. "Nothing Fails" is actually excerpted at the end of the demo for "Drowned World" prepared for the tour. I think Madonna considered including as an excerpt, but ultimately removed it. I am not aware of any intent to play it instead of "Drowned World/Substitute For Love]]". In any event, it is significant to note that there is a version of "Drowned World/Substitute for Love" that ends with excerpts from "Nothing Fails" Esadtler (talk) 01:49, 11 August 2008 (UTC)

It seems this "debate" has progressed from the OP's to various editors. After reading the comments, I have to agree with dancefloor_royalty. I don't seem where he or she made any opinions about their version of the set list. They both look the same. I do also agree with alkclark that dancefloor_royalty's setlist does have a more rhythmic and organized feel to it. But at the same time, I don't know what this debate is over. Both setlists are saying the exact same thing. It's like someone is saying my shirt is black and someone else saying your shirt a dark blue that appears black. Each statement is said differently but both have the same conclusion. That may have been confusing but I understood it. KM*hearts*MC (talk) 11:45, 11 August 2008 (UTC)

Tour records[edit]

I'm not sure but I remember reading in one of the links from Billboard, ROlling Stone, or perhaps some other publication that this tour was the second highest grossing tour of all time period. I'll review the sources again and if I find this info, I'm going to add it to the page. PhoenixPrince (talk) 18:38, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

This article target of a sockpuppet operation[edit]

FYI, this article was subjected to a sockpuppet operation running since at least July of last year. Alkclark and Dancefloor royalty and KM*hearts*MC and were all the same person, operating in conjunction. See Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets/Alkclark and User talk:Tiptoety#Sockpuppetry case concerning Alkclark. It's especially evident in the "Page Protected" section above. Any changes made to this article due to the bogus apparent consensus of the socks or due to edit war bullying by the socks, can be reversed. Also be on the lookout for new editors popping up with a similar agenda. Wasted Time R (talk) 01:40, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

Sample in "Future Lovers/I Feel Love"[edit]

I was listening to "How High", and I've noticed a similarity between it and the tour version of "Future Lovers" (a small excerpt during part of the long intro). Should it be added?
--WannaBeSomething (talk) 03:01, 29 July 2009 (UTC)

Vocal gear used[edit]

Sazka Arena attendance[edit]

Madonna's 2006 concerts at Sazka Arena however, did break the Czech venue's record held since the 2004 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships with 17,360 visitors at that time, but they were attended only by 17,798 people on September 6, 2006, while 18,628 the day after. Where the heck did you get the figures 37,666 and 38,342, which are twice that much higher? The actual numbers also appear in the venue's main article. MiewEN (talk) 13:42, 25 October 2015 (UTC)

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