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The creation of this page is a group project of Dr. Kent Norman's Spring semester 2006 course, Seminar in Human Performance Theory: Human/Computer Interaction, at the University of Maryland, College Park.

WP:CORP Looks like a copy of a draft of a PR piece. Note the text The robot consists of (look into this…find out how he interfaces with the computer). Also, it's not a real robot, it's a teleoperator or R/C toy. There's a therapist running the thing. --John Nagle 16:45, 17 April 2006 (UTC)

Author has no affiliation with company[edit]

This piece is a work in progress for a university class. Hence the notes to myself to update certain sections as I find out more information.

I believe that the use of the word robot is justified.

Added some wiki links and a link to the developers, and a link to teleoperators (in lieu of robots)Kgroth 16:37, 24 April 2006 (UTC)

Comments by Kent Norman[edit]

Good start. Have you let Cory Lathan know that you have posted this article? Also, add an external link to AnthroTronix and cite published references on Cosmobot. In the History section, who funded the project? Is there any empirical data on its usefulness or effectiveness in therapy?

Comments by philipumd[edit]

Looks pretty thorough. I would like to see some links to comparable products in the market. And maybe a couple of concluding comments in the end of the article? Wiki links for joystick, therapy, Simon Says?

Comments by Douglas Chelson[edit]

I agree with Phillip. Is there any advantage for the therapist to have the users input data recorded. The control panel recorded all input - this could be useful to some. You also may want to mention the level of reliability. What are the quirks that would cause the machine to not work properly? This would be useful information for those looking for this type of machine and those trying to make this type of machine better.

Comments by Kent Norman[edit]

Nice job! Working with Anthrotronixs has been an interesting challenge.