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The aim of Wikiproject Disability is to co-ordinate the improvement and creation of articles related to Disability. If you would like to participate, you can start by joining the project below and/or contribute to the discussion on the talk page.

To indicate that an article falls within the scope of this WikiProject, please add the {{WikiProject Disability}} talk page template. This will automatically place it into Category:WikiProject Disability articles.


Below is a list of those Wikipedia users who have taken it upon themselves to be regular contributors to this project's goals. Feel free to add yourself at any time. You can also add this userbox to your user page when joining the project if you wish.

Inactive members[edit]

Members who have not made any edits anywhere on the English Wikipedia in more than six months:

To do list[edit]


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WikiProject Disability assessment statistics logcategory The statistics table is updated daily by the WP 1.0 bot:

Article alerts[edit]

The article alerts page provides a daily summary of article work flows. By watching this page you will know which articles are involved in ongoing actions including, for example, deletion requests or good article nominations.

Deletion discussions about disability-related articles, please feel free to participate.

The new articles listing (please watch this list to get notifications of updates) provides a list of recent-created articles. This is also transcluded on New articles which has some further comments. See also the bot activity log and The Rules for this report, which can be tuned or extended as necessary. You can find information about the rules at Compile the Rules.

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Popular pages[edit]

For the most viewed Disability related articles, see Popular pages. Updated by the Mr.Z-bot on the 1st of each month.

WikiProject banner[edit]

Please add {{WikiProject Disability}} to the talk page of Disability related articles, which will display:

WikiProject iconDisability NA‑class
WikiProject iconWikipedia:WikiProject Disability is within the scope of WikiProject Disability. For more information, visit the project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.
NAThis article has been rated as NA-class on Wikipedia's content assessment scale.


The Disability Barnstar WikiProject Disability Barnstar
Awarded for hard work and excellence in contributing to
WikiProject Disability. Awarded by: "Username" "Time&Date"

{{subst:The Disability Barnstar|Awarded for hard work and excellence in contributing to<br />[[WP:WikiProject Disability|WikiProject Disability]].<br /> <small>Awarded by: ~~~~</small>}}

Please award this Barnstar to deserving editors by placing the Template - everything between, and including, the double curly brackets {{ }} - on their Talk page. The recipient is welcome to place it on their User page if they wish.
The text between "Awarded for" and the line break "<br />" before the wikiproject link may be edited, but please don't deviate too much from the suggested criteria and keep it brief. Insert a line break "<br />" if necessary to keep the box a reasonable width.
The awarding editor's signature "~~~~" must be included as proof that a recipient didn't give it to themself.
Don't give it to just anybody, it must be earned.

Invitation template[edit]

Hello, WikiProject Disability, I have noticed your interest in articles related to Disability. I'd like to invite you to become a part of WikiProject Disability, a WikiProject aimed at improving the quality of articles dealing with disability on Wikipedia.

If you would like to participate, please visit the project page for more information. Thanks! ~~~~

This template must be substituted, use {{subst:WikiProject Disability Invite}}

Index of Pages and Templates[edit]

WikiProject pages[edit]

Watchlist on toolserver.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability (Project main page — this page)

Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability/Assessment (Project sub-page for article assessment)
Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability/Collaboration (Project sub-page for collaboration on articles)
Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability/Peer review (Project sub-page for peer review of articles)
Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability/Popular pages (Project sub-page for evaluating article popularity)
Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability/Article alerts (Project sub-page where a bot provides a daily summary of article work flows)
User:AlexNewArtBot/DisabilitySearchResult — bot-generated new articles list
Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability/New articles — transcludes the new articles list, additional comments
Wikipedia:WikiProject Disability/Style advice (Project sub-page containing advice for writing about disability on Wikipedia)


Template:WikiProject Disability (Talk page banner — placed at the top of the talk pages of all articles relevant to the project)
Template:WikiProject Disability/class (custom page classification definitions)
Template:Disability sidebar (Sidebar — placed in or near the lead section of relevant articles)
Please use this instead of Template:Disability Sidebar which is now a redirect
Template:Disability navbox (Navbox — placed at the bottom of relevant article pages)
Please use this instead of Template:WikiProject Disability Navbox which is now a redirect
Template:User WikiProject Disability (User box — place this on your user page when you join the project)
Template:The Disability Barnstar (Barnstar — awarded to deserving editors. Please see the Barnstar section for instructions on how to use it.)
Template:WikiProject Disability Invite (WikiProject invitation — place on user talk page to invite the user to join the project.)

Service subscriptions[edit]

New articles listing
User:AlexNewArtBot — human-readable list of subscriptions
User:AlexNewArtBot/Disability — the rules
User:AlexNewArtBot/Master — the list of subscriptions which the bot reads
Article alerts
Wikipedia:Article alerts/Subscription list — has the entry with definitions for our article alerts service

Paralympics Task Force[edit]

The Paralympic Games and related topics are covered by the Paralympics Task Force under the Olympics WikiProject.


Disability related drafts[edit]

Please contribute to these drafts. If you start a new draft or discover an existing draft that is related to disability please add a {{WikiProject Disability|class=Draft}} tag to the draft's Talk page.

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Signpost article[edit]

The July 2015 edition of The Signpost has a WikiProject report about this project.

Project leaflet or poster[edit]

Originally created for Wikimania 2014