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Weapons Section and Article Link[edit]

I'm forced to post without logging in these days because I forgot my password at the same time my old hosting service fell over. I still own the domain, so it's a problem I can fix, but I just haven't yet had the Headspace to deal with it.

Just now I added a link to the as-yet nonexistent Delivery (weapons) article, which I myself intend to write once I do reset my password, as well as the Weapons section of this here article.

Most know me as a Software Engineer but in reality, I am a Physicist and NOT a Computer Programmer. Coding is just my Day Job. I am very, very fortunate not to be forced to support my habit by selling Boiled Peanuts on the side of the road.

You have Absolutely No Idea what it is like to live inside the head of a Physicist who is diagnosed with quite severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:

OCD is driven by Anxiety. One "Ruminates" - that is, dwells upon - some manner of repetitious, stereotyped thought that that ultimately results on the OCD Patient experiencing severe anxiety, not so much because the object of one's Obsession is so threatening in and of itself, but because one is completely unable to ever think of anything else. But eventually one somehow stumbles across what I prefer to refer to as one's Chosen Compulsion because carrying out one's Compulsive Behavior is quite soothing to the patient. Thus, however subconsciously one's compulsion may have been chosen, chosen nevertheless it was.

In my particular case, I ruminate on all manner of catastrophe that would for the most part lead to the End of All Life on Earth Forever, such as large comets or asteroids striking the Earth, the Supernova Detonation of one of our Stellar Neighbors, Global Nuclear War, or Nerve Gas attacks.

Quite oddly, and quite unlike the far-more common OCD Compulsions of biting one's fingernails until they bleed, pulling out one's own hair until one is completely bald, or in the case of my own Mother, owning eight completely different varieties of Vacuum Cleaner, each for its own specific purpose, each of which she applies every single day of her entire life to the Cleaning of her tiny, already immaculate condo until she is so overcome with exhaustion that she's ready to drop dead of stroke or heart attack.

I once had the idea that Mom devoted her days to cleaning because she enjoyed cleaning so much. I happened to mention this to her one day, only for her to fly into a hysterical fit; in reality, Mom hates cleaning with a passion, but she is driven to clean so much and with such great care and diligence because my poor, sorrowful mother hallucinates filth everywhere she looks.

But in my own particular case, my Chosen Obsession - for reasons I won't go into just now, I am now able to pinpoint the exact instant during the Summer of 1980 that I chose it - is writing, as well as quite meticulous Copy Editing, with the result that I am quite widely published, highly regarded by many of my peers, but unfortunately just as widely hated by those with little regard for my written work, with the result that I am commonly known at Kuro5hin by my Internet Nickname of Wall of Text.

It is only recently that I finally stumbled upon how to be CONCISE.

I'd have to say that Brevity was presented to my by G-d Almighty Himself when it Descended from Heaven upon me as I took up work on my online book The World of Madness is Round, an "Essay for All Humanity" which I proudly announced to the World on January 30, 2009, but yielded not the first clue about to anyone until I Resigned in Protest from my job as a Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Man in Black on March 24, 2010, not because of what anyone at Sony Ericsson did - I felt that gig to be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread but because Manpower Professional just could not be bothered to learn to sing enough of The Alphabet Song so as to obtain the Insight required to sign my Damn paycheck's dotted line.

In reality, the discussions of violence, destruction and disaster that I post online at Wikipedia or my own sites are relatively benign. The really, really Kewl insights I dream up, I lay into the hands of such folk as the United States Secret Service, who while commonly skeptical at first, listen with rapt attention as I lucidly explain what, in These United States, is a Federal Felony for anyone to threaten even if they are just joking about it.

I will leave it as an exercise for the Gentle Reader what I discussed with a Secret Service Agent for well over an hour during the afternoon of New Year's Eve, 2011.

I will close by pointing out that I will take that phone call to my grave, because I've been puzzling over what to do about that particular Software Problem for many, many years now, but have yet to obtain the least bit of Insight as to what to do about it. As a Portland, Oregon Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent quietly said to me earlier that same day:

But what can just one person do?

I just as carefully and quietly replied:

Lay that information into the hands of someone such as yourself who is in a postion to do something about it.

I myself am not real happy with such recent phenomena as Warrantless Wiretaps, but on the other hand, during both of my chats with the FBI and the Secret Service, I explained at length just what they should be listening for when they violate the Constitutional Rights of every American by steaming open their envelopes.

I've been up all night since yesterday morning blasting manifestos just like this all over Creation. I could use a break. I expect I would do well to drink myself into a Complete Stupour. - MichaelCrawford (talk) 01:34, 11 July 2012 (UTC)