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Deutsche(r) Werkbund", and what to do with German inflections when writing in English[edit]

At one point "Deutscher" is misspelled as "Deutsche" (I've already corrected this). Since - unlike German - English doesn't inflect its nouns and adjectives, there's no reason to follow German inflections when writing in English. Since names never inflect in English, and English-speaking readers wouldn't expect them to, it would be confusing to change the endings of words whenever this would happen in German - in this case from "Deutscher Werkbund" to "the Deutsche Werkbund", just because in German it would be "Deutsche" after the definite article "Der". And in fact the organisation is referred to as "the Deutscher Werkbund" elsewhere in this article, so perhaps "the Deutsche Werkbund" is simply a typo. I see that the three Scandinavian language versions of this article don't add on their own definite articles at the end of the name - they simply call it "Deutscher Werkbund" throughout, rather than trying to turn it into "Deutscher Werkbunden" (or "Werkbundet"?), which really would be confusing! Perhaps there's a Wikipedia editing rule somewhere about this and similar problems, but if so I wouldn't know where to find it. (talk) 09:27, 23 September 2016 (UTC)