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Request for clarification[edit]

Obviously it is only because I am a non-specialist, but this wikipedia article does not clarify for me whether Article III Section 2 of the constitution is partly repealed, or only tightened by this amendment. That article gives federal courts jurisdiction over "controversies ... between a state and citizens of another state." The amendment seems to me to say the opposite. So are those words in article III nullified, or is there some sense which I am missing in which they are still valid in a modified way? The words "shall not be construed" in the amendment sound like the framers of the amendment are merely warning against a misinterpretation of the original article, but if so, what did they want the original article to mean? --Doric Loon (talk) 15:06, 22 March 2014 (UTC)

The amendment overruled a Supreme Court interpretation (Chisholm v. Georgia) of those provisions in Article III, Section 2. Those provisions still apply to suits where a State is a plaintiff and the defendant is a citizen of another State or another country. SMP0328. (talk) 01:57, 23 March 2014 (UTC)