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Romano-Byzantine rule survived in Algeria during Vandal occupations?[edit]

One of my most respected sources, Bruce Gordan's Regnal Chrononlogies, makes a mention in his entry for the city of Constantine in north Africa. And Euratlas' maps of Europe in 500 AD and 600 AD both show a "Kingdom of the Romans and Moors in Algeria, not under Vandal control.

They also show a distinct "Mauri" kingdom in Morrocco.

Would it be plausible to then say that part of the Western Empire survived the fall of Nepos and Syagrius? I unfortunately don't yet have more information, and wanted to bring it to your mutual attentions. It would make a very interesting note in this and a few other articles... Respectfully, Thomas Lessman (talk) 07:30, 23 December 2007 (UTC)

It was not a kingdom under Roman or Byzantine rule in any sense, rather it was a leftover of the old Roman province of Mauretania, which was not occupied by the Vandals. The kingdom was based primarily on the indigenous Mauri, plus the Romanized population of the coasts and cities (much like post-Roman Britain or the kingdom of Syagrius). Its capital was at Altava, and it survived until the late 570s, when it was defeated by the Byzantines, although whether they occupied its territory is unknown. AFAIK, there isn't much information on the kingdom, except some references by Byzantine and other authors, especially John of Biclaro, and various inscriptions of "imperator" Masties at Arris and Masuna at Altava, bearing the titles "rex gentium Maurorum et Romanorum"...[1] There is little concrete info on the exact number of Mauri tribal kingdoms in Mauritania and Numidia, nor of their mutual relations, as mostly only the names of their chiefs are known. At any rate, the last great ruler was one Garmul, who was defeated by the Byzantines. If you can read French, check this out for some more info. Cplakidas (talk) 16:30, 27 December 2007 (UTC)