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I want to contest or confirm the line about "Time" in the Scoring section. I remember there being a Time stat of the five stats you are scored on, but the cabinet that I own and have based much of the information on this article on, is a Korean version cabinet. English voices, Korean text, and therefore I cannot understand what the five stats are.

I played the English version years ago, and while my memory is foggy, I do not remember a POW stat, but I am almost positive that I noticed a two separate stats for AGI and WIS and that confused me back then. Since then I have not encountered another English language version of the game, so I can't even confirm that these 5 stats are in order.

Furthermore is the confusion of the instruction booklet and the game making no mention of how each stat is graded. Therefore I cannot confirm AGI or WIS or "POW" if there was such a stat. I believe the claim made that "100% score if the player counters every strike" for AGI, that makes sense. But the current posting that "TIME" is based on the strength behind the punch, or that time measures the "speed of the pad being knocked back", that just doesn't sound right to me. The game's entire mentality is based on timing, and actually many game points and voice-overs explicitly express that power is not important, it discourages it. Therefore it wouldn't fit to have a stat that actually encourages that behavior. By the same token, I just tried experimenting with my Korean version, and compared remaining seconds with the power at which I hit the pads, and sadly, the 4th stat (again, unintelligible in Korean to me) did in fact rate me better when I took longer yet hit the pads harder. Perhaps I'll be more methodic about this and deliberately spend more time and take damage yet hit harder, to eliminate some other variables, but for now, I'm opening up to the idea that the 4th stat is indeed based more on power. But if that's the case, then why would it be called "TIME"?

What I request is that someone with access to an English version please take note of the English titles and the specific order of the graded stats after a round and post it here. Once proper terminology is in place, perhaps it will be easier to remove the ambiguity, and make better educated guesses at how the scoring works. It's entirely possible that POW is that 4th stat, or one of the stats, and that AGI or WIS is a figment of my imagination.