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The Mazzarella Biography; a note about Conan Doyle[edit]

The Sylvester Mazzarella biography is difficult to find, since it seems to exist only in draft. I found it at That site was composed by one Richard D. North, who says, "My grandmother was the poet and painter Vera Bax [wife of Clifford Bax]. Her first husband, my grandfather, was the painter and organic pioneer, Stanley Kennedy North. Her second husband, Filson Young, was a pioneer twentieth century journalist. ... Many of the details of Filson's life were pieced together twenty years ago by Silvester Mazzarella, an Englishman, and a translator of Swedish and Italian. Mazzarella is now at work preparing the story for publication." A list of Young's works is at

Young seems to have been at a seance attended by Conan Doyle, and attempted to show Doyle that he was being hoaxed. The story is described at and also probably in the biography. Tkotc (talk) 01:17, 5 September 2013 (UTC)