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deletion of predicted haplogroup data[edit]

I notice User:Jayjg has been deleting material from this article on the basis of RS. I do not think Whit Athey's work fails RS as it is cited in the professional literature. Possibly relevant [redacted]to Jayjg's apparent mission of hit and run deletions in genetics articles is that Whit Athey is associated with the JOGG:

  • I have been discussing genetics sourcing on Jayjg's talk page when he posted the above: [1].
  • Jayjg was involved in a discussion at RS/N about genetics sourcing [2].

OTOH, I am not going to revert these deletions because there is another problem with the deleted material. Unfortunately, this data had to be extracted from raw STR data by a Wikipedian USING Whit Athey's calculator. That extraction is low level research in itself. Kudos for that, but unfortunately you'll need to get the results published before we can use the work here on WP. See WP:SYNTH and WP:OR.--Andrew Lancaster (talk) 09:15, 10 September 2010 (UTC)

I suggest to import deeper statistical data as it relates to Georgia as the country.[edit]

Depending on the geographical distribution concentration of G (mostly g2a) highly varies. In western part of Georgia according to the latest research G reaches around 50-55 percent of concentration. Among Svans the concentration of G haplogroup reaches record amount of 70 percent. This could help create a better picture for distribution of G haplogroup which mainly is concentrated around Caucasus mountains. Predictably the concentration of G haplogroups among Georgians is higher among mountainous population, who had less mixing, compared to lowland parts of Kakheti and Kartli, why obviously suffered the most. There is a research project that is gathering the data in each respective parts of the country. Once the records are published, I suggest breaking down the section to provide better understanding of distribution of the haplogroups in southern Caucasus.

Crusoe8181 wants to delete this entire page[edit]

Crusoe8181 wants to delete this page for which I contributed most of the information based on peer-reviewed published studies. His objection is that all the published studies in the area of population genetics do not use true random sampling. Each population genetics author has approached his/her study differently. Often the author wanted to restrict sampling to persons likely to belong to the original population of the world location, and that is not a precise method because of self-reported ancestral information. It is also likely that none of the researchers have had the funding necessary to test many thousands of samples in a country to match the same standard of 90 or 95% confidence level that would be used in polling. But the data do provide essential information as to the likelihood of spread of human genetic groups across country boundaries. If Crusoe8181 succeeds here, then to be consistent, you will have to delete all info in every population genetics item on Wikipedia that discusses geographical spread of human haplogroups (the genetic groupings) and their subgroups because no study to date has used true random sampling as would be seen in a well-designed poll.

Not at all; nothing wrong with scientific abstracts but extrapolating from almost every single test on a day-to-day basis would require a daily update of this list to no end whatsoever Crusoe8181 (talk) 09:53, 17 July 2013 (UTC)