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2011 Internet shutdown - eventually might split off to its own article?[edit]

My impression is that the almost complete block of the internet in a 50 million or more population country with about 10-20% of the population connected to the internet is unprecedented enough that it could soon be enough to become an independent article. Several sources use the word "unprecedented", but i think they must have the conditions i just stated in mind: some other near-complete blocks may have occurred in countries with small populations and/or very low (1% or so or less) internet connectivity - in which case not as much international/internet attention was paid to these events.

However, this particular article is not so long itself, so i suggest that people interested in encyclopedic info on the subject work on the section Internet_in_Egypt#2011_Internet_shutdown, making sure that primary references are within this section. In that case, if it eventually becomes substantial enough, then splitting it off could be considered. In any case, i think it's clear that cutting off the internet in Egypt is something that happens within the context of Internet in Egypt, except if you're being pedantic enough to point out that if the internet is cut off, then the article should really be renamed to something like Internet on or off in Egypt. So IMHO working on the subject within this article should be fine at least for the moment.

Renesys (see the live article updated) has linked to claims of major economic consequences of the internet cutoff. i haven't checked the linked-to articles to see how internet-cutoff is separated from political upheavals according to the authors. Another interesting claim is the fear that major fibre-optic internet routes passing through Egypt presently are unaffected, but Gulf states are frightened that these cables might really get turned off, caused a communications nightmare for the internet-era economy. Boud (talk) 20:46, 30 January 2011 (UTC)