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I believe having published works that appear on, and that are in at least half the universities in the United States, not to mention in innumerable ones overseas, is justification for a short list of works and biography.

Sorry the bio took me the second half of the day to complete.

You can see here that THE top university library in the entire country lists her works:

Here is further some of her influence when you search for her name at an institution known over the world for its intellectual rigor and alternative vision:

She claims such notoriety within such a well-established and influencial institution.

Wikipedia deems the Institute for Social Ecology worthy of an article. Janet Biehl is one of its icons.

Library of Congress:

Above is listing of universities with Janet Biehl's works including Notre Dame, Florida State University, New York University. There is much interest in her works within the academic community, therefore.


There is a good interview with Janet here: I have to post the link on this page, because Wikipedia's shadowbot keeps deleting it from the main entry page.