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Could the example be edited?! Maybe some key points? --Henry Hadlow 10:45, 5 October 2005 (UTC)


Opinons should be left out of this.

Is there any reason particular to the Turabian style that makes it so frequently lambasted by graduate students? coz otherwise it seems to me that graduate students will bitch a lot on anything dissertation-related, be it citation styles, having to buy paper, or *gasp* actually doing work.

I agree. I'm a grad student who likes the Turabian style and it seems just as plausible to write, "Many grad students admire Turabian." Both are completely subjective. anonymous, Jan. 24, 2007

Are any of Kate's relatives still living? It would be neat if a relative of hers, who knows her material as well as she did, could tour graduate schools across the United States to humor us and give us insight and help. I wish she were still living so I could meet her. It would be fun to have her relative as a "mystery guest." I'm wondering if Kate L. Turabian has a living legacy, like Peggy Post continuing in Emily Post's footsteps on etiquette. 05:32, 6 July 2007 (UTC) A Curious Fan in Dallas, Texas