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I was tongue in cheek with the "Nah" and expecting someone to edit that first part. I wouldn't have minded someone cleaning up my entry. I was actually hoping someone would expand on it. I added that part for that purpose. That song is very famous and dear to Cubs fans. However, to simply delete what I wrote is offensive and not helpful. It's also condoning a POV. And a subjective point of view, at that. As in, "He is best known for helping the Cubs win the 1984 National League Eastern Division championship." Where is your source for that? The current commentary that you reverted is not sourced. I'm not disputing it and most of it is easily (except for abovementioned)verifiable. But so was what I added (except for the attention getting subjective prefix). Finally, it's actions like yours that put people off of Wikipedia. Also, your action will likely have the effect of stifling the growth of this article, Steve Goodman's article, and related articles. Selfparody 03:34, 10 August 2006 (UTC)sp After wrting the preceding I made a "serious" edit. If you revert this one you should have a better reason. Selfparody 03:47, 10 August 2006 (UTC)sp Can someone link to Steve Goodman's Wiki article? I don't know how.