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Twaron is not Kevlar[edit]

As this entry notes, Kevlar is a registered trademark of E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co. Twaron is manufactured by Teijin Twaron, and is a different product, like Coke and Pepsi are different products. As Coke and Pepsi are both colas, Kevlar and Twaron are both aramid fibers. Kevlar, however, is not "also known as" Twaron; they are two competing products.

5 times as strong as steel?[edit]

This is debateable as there are many different types of steel. It could be between 3.31 and 77 times as strong, depending on your source of data. How about Dupont claim Kevlar is 5 times as strong as steel?

- Does it help that people say that its 5 times stronger weight for weight?

its a throw away comment as the type of strength isn't qualified like tensile or dynamic

It's imposible to be 5 times stronger than a good steel polyalloy. Maybe it's steel 5 times stronger than kevlar. - Having same thickness of steel and Kevlar, Winning side will be of Kevlar for higher strength.

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