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I created a new page for UbuntuKylin. UbuntuKylin doesn't seem to have much to do with this older Kylin OS except that they share the same name. There is now a Chinese page dedicated to UbuntuKylin, so I thought it's probably best to fork the material to a new page. Pasicles (talk) 20:19, 29 April 2013 (UTC)


FreeBSD is open source. Is plagiarized then a strong word? And should (former) Kylin be mentioned as a as a derivative in FreeBSD? comp.arch (talk) 16:46, 18 June 2013 (UTC)

Cheap Tom Clancy style and naked propaganda have no place in Wikipedia[edit]

This entry is going to be expunged, but I can't resist.

"June, 2013 2nd week, Jack Dongarra flew to Changsha, China for a meeting with researchers at the National University of Defense Technology, home to the country’s top supercomputing program. He expected an update on their plans for a new mega-machine, but they had a little surprise for him: The system was already up and running."

Seriously? Is this the opening to a cheap Clancy knockoff?

"It is called Tianhe-2 ... easily dwarfing the runner-up ... Titan. In fact, the Tianhe-2 is remarkably Chinese ... own homegrown networking gear ... Chinese processors to power the supercomputer's management tools ... the only American components are the Intel microprocessors used to do the system's mathematical calculations."

Seriously? Are we cribbing from some CCTV bulletin here? You can't have it both ways people: If you care about the TOP500 list, it's about floating point, i.e. the Intel parts.

Microkernel or Linux?[edit]

I know very little about Kylin, but I do happen to know that both the Linux and BSD kernels are Monolithic kernels as opposed to microkernels; however in this page's sidebar it asserts that kylin uses a "Microkernel (Linux kernel)", which doesn't really make sense. Does anyone know why it's written like that? If it's intended to convey some other meaning I find it very confusing.

I will change that to "Monolithic (Linux)" in the style of other distro's pages if none responds here within a few days/weeks. User:Johan Domeij