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This list seems a little bit broad, and poorly defined. I mean, all artists in a vaguely defined "market"? And wouldn't this be better as a category, anyways? --Haemo 21:10, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

I agree with you - this list not well defined. We could make this list deal with music artists, and order them alphabetical(i think a good way to list music artists is to omit 'The' in the beginning of names and order by last name first, then the rest of the name. But I can never decide what to do with 'van', 'von', 'mc', 'mac' and so on, like in 'Wicus van der Merwe') Mysteriumen•♪Ⓜ 14:24, 9 February 2010 (UTC)
To address this, I renamed the article. As a result, a few entries in the list might no longer be eligible for inclusion.
Afrikaans has the same alphabet as English. For alphabetisation, you can refer to Wikipedia:Alphabetical order. Family names beginning with van and von belong under V. Family names beginning with de or d' belong under D. Normal ordering rules apply to family names beginning with Mac or Mc. In short, none of these names are special cases.
However, band names are different! If you alphabetise in English, Die Antwoord would go under D, but if you alphabetise in Afrikaans, it would go under A. Battery 9 goes under B; Foto na Dans goes under F. —Ringbang (talk) 18:44, 10 August 2011 (UTC)