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2006 run characters deletion[edit]

Deleting the villains from the Simone run because they were the creation "of a single writer" (well, duh) and "everybody has forgotten about them" may not have been the best decision. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 10:51, 21 June 2013 (UTC)

shorten the list[edit]

there needs to be a seperation between major enemies and individual villains —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 22:17, 10 February 2008 (UTC)

(From article)

To be added/lack Wikipedia entries[edit]

(Note: brief summaries of many are available at; synopses of many of the printed adventures are available at )

Yellow Mask Gang: synopsis at

Queen Atomia


Alien enemies: Ytirfliks, Saturnians, Jovians

Wade Dazzle

The Human Fireworks




The Mole Goldings — Preceding unsigned comment added by Blackmetalbaz (talkcontribs)

Queen clea? the real life world is king pleo who makes women servile.[edit]

I thought wonderwoman was a symbol of hope in this real world wher a king pleo is cruel , large and makes female servive. he heads the patriachy of many counries vatican and islamic religons.Osira, well osiris is the egyptian god of the dead with healer sister Isis goddess of civilization and life. Is this dc character a gender refersal, s and m fantasy? At least the commic aknowleges doctor psycho, who simbolizes real life foes of women, but he is in the same group as king pleo. Diana, as in the goddess Diana, warior of peace and protectress of wild life, often equated with artemis the Goddess of the tree of life.

Did the creator of this comic intend to do a spin off this mythology. Why does the comic concern itself with a battle of deities? is it athiestic al together, or merely showing a clash between sects?

I am more fammilar with Linda Carters tv show, and have not watched since childhood. She had the power to compel truth, she fought for justice, somewhat patriotric for joing the military, significance of the female and inspire women at a time where they are servile and worrld teaches hate and inferiorty about them, dodge bullets and heal herself like wolverine from x men, some reduce this to mere beauty is power, and a peaceful warior archetype.

Veronica Cale[edit]

Why is Veronica Cale part of the Central Rogues' Gallery? She hasn't been seen in a Wonder Woman book in well over a decade, and she's very much tied to Greg Rucka's run (hasn't appeared in anyone else's thus far). In my opinion, she's of the same level of Devastation, Genocide, the Morrigan, and the First Born, as they were all tied to specific runs and have not been seen since. Does anyone else think she should be placed with foes of lesser renown? Nyssie (talk) 16:01, 31 January 2016 (UTC)