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Hi! I'm the user who removed Leonardo Towers and Gadolla Tower from the list.

Speaking about the Leonardo Towers, they relate to a new hi-tech pole which is giong to be built in the suburbs of Genoa. At a first stage, in 2004, the project was committed to Renzo Piano, who designed the 12 Leonardo Towers. Nevertheless, just a year later, for the design of the executable project, the work passed to the architect Mario Bellini, who planned a different type of district, with many 8-10-store buildings and only two 140m towers, the ones I added to the list (called S-4a and S-4b), which in the article are now mentioned altogether as "Torri degli Erzelli", which means "Erzelli Towers" but they're actually two separate buildings. Since then the preliminary project by Renzo Piano was completely abandoned, while the new one was included in city masterplan. Then in 2009 work started and in 2012 the first building of the plan was built, while the construction of the two towers have to start yet.[1] [2] I apologize not having speaked about the topic before updating the article, I thought that cancelled projects should not be part of the article, but actually I can be wrong.

Speaking about Gadolla Tower, actually the project has never been cancelled as Leonardo Tower's one, it just remained a project and in the future it can be reproposed, so in this case I'm almost certain I did a mistake cancelling it.

User:Cirobob 21:21, 23 ago 2014 (CEST)

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What is the name of two buildings in photo (buildings with crane, to the right WTC)? Subtropical-man talk
17:54, 4 May 2015 (UTC)

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