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History, research, "Out-of-Print" books[edit]

As the Wikipedia author of the Manishtushu Obelisk, I want to remind any generation of knowledge-seekers.... that I found a photo of the obelisk in a French-English translated book-(my local, semi-Want-to-Be-Great public Library)(too small, too focussed on Electronic Media), with hundreds of pictures/photos/and graphics. The book is copyrighted 1975.

I have personally read other 1950's books that have more 'common sense' discussion, than some or the present, supposedly, erudite, educated works...(-(including)-i.e. present-day Wikipedia articles that "Miss the Point"-even entire genres in Wikipedia)..... As an author of articles in the Category:Amarna letters authors, Category:Amarna letters locations, Category:Amarna letters officials.... after the 20-35 articles(I created for them), I googled every person/location and found actual clay tablets that could be seen through External links. The article pages with the links are about 10 to 20 articles. (One photo had no reference, until I found the word Hanathon in it, and found the "Biblical list of placenames".. so I cound make the article, and identify the actual "EA", el-Amarna.. Amarna letter, that it was.)

But back to the book reference: The World of Babylon, Nineveh, and Assyria, Text by Charles Seignobos, no article Charles Seignobos, transl. by David Macrae, with/ Leon Amiel, Publisher, New York-Paris, c. 1975 (original, Paris and Spain prints, 1975.) The text is easy to read, as it is for the "common folk", the common man public, but each page is meant to have 1-2 photos, so there are about 300-400 item pictures/-graphics.
When I saw the Manishtushu Obelisk photo, I was struck by it. (I assumed it had importance)... The article page recently had the photos added-(I assume taken in the Louvre)... But the topic of the obelisk, relates its importance.
I'm adding these comments to show the importance of hardcopy books. I cound probably generate 5-10 more articles from the book. and (2) I was just looking at Sargon of Akkad and Rimush, (who I had seen in Wikicommons, because of his cuneiform inscribed SeaShell...I authored the Wikicommons cat: "[:Category:Cuneiform on media]", and its sub-related categories)... So now I see that Rimush, Manishtushu, and Sargon of Akkad, are all of the same ilk-(timeperiod, and related by blood, regnal lineage)... (from USA-Arizona, HotSonoranDesert....Mmcannis (talk) 12:39, 8 December 2011 (UTC)