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Member listing[edit]

While I recognise that this is only a minor point, replacing "Important members" with "Principal Companions" in the section heading probably was a good idea from the point of view that if the previous header was retained, there might be an implicit connection between "Importance" and being a Grand Cross, whereas having just "Principal Companions" avoids loading any words with extra meaning.

For sure, being a grand cross *does* make you important wrt the other members of that particular order, though surely readers can make the connection by themselves rather than having it being told to them by this article? 23:02, 11 July 2007 (UTC)

Edit 203732563[edit]

Edits were made in an effort to weed out the fanciful language from the article—this is not some Old-World order after all. Changes were made in keeping with the fact that this is a modern "Order of Merit" like those awarded by Australia, Canada, Germany etc, and that the notion of "membership" exists only to keep consistent with being an "order"—it is obvious that what is being awarded is some metal badge or a sash, and not some social privilege. (talk) 12:20, 6 April 2008 (UTC)

Return to Knighthoods[edit]

Following the announcement today, this page has been edited to refer to the GNZM and KNZM/DNZM. While informal approval has been given the changes have not yet been made (and won't be made for a few months). I suggest we revert to the PCNZM and DCNZM in the interim, along with a section about how a future change has been announced - the official mention of the order on the DPMC website, for example still lists the PCNZM and DCNZM. Quadparty (talk) 10:16, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Disagree, I changed the top part of the article when I first heard the news. Those who it applies too are already being asked whether they want the title, and the delay until Queens Birthday is just for ceremonial purpose, to invite them in properly. CipherPixel (talk) 10:20, 8 March 2009 (UTC)
Actually, Quadparty is right imo. And anyway, we only have a press release to go on as far as these things go. The new statutes haven't been gazetted yet and aren't on any legislation circulars/databases (LexisNexis turns up the 2000 statutes while they have other regulations from the end of March). I guess they've been passed already, but without a primary source we're not getting the full picture. That said, WP is not in the business of interpreting primary sources either, since that is original research! (talk) 04:11, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

Category:Recipients of a New Zealand knighthood‎[edit]

Is there a need for a new category solely for New Zealanders who are Knights/Dames due to membership of the New Zealand Order of Merit (NZOM)?

There are two categories used by the New Zealand entries for Category:New Zealand recipients of a British knighthood for the old Imperial knighthoods and Category:New Zealand knights / Category:New Zealand dames for the imperial and first two levels of the (NZOM). The new category would classify the 165 Knights and Dames in the NZOM separate from the imperial honours. There are individual categories for the specific degrees within the NZOM.

The new category would collectively represent Members of the first and second degree of the New Zealand Order of Merit. The purpose is to group together recipients who share a common appointment/award due solely to a New Zealand honour similar to Category:British knights by type or order and the NZ equivalent of Category:New Zealand recipients of a British knighthood (sort of like a Recipients of a New Zealand knighthood category but better articulated).

Interesting members Would be Sir Michael Hardie Boys and Dame Malvina Major who hold both Imperial and New Zealand Royal Honours. An interesting exclusion would be Dame Silvia Cartwright who is PCNZM and is a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire but not the New Zealand Order of Merit and Mr Julian H. Robertson Jr. KNZM who is an honorary knight companion (unless his appointment is made substantive).

Example Imperial knighthood New Zealand Royal Honours
Example Knighthood KG KCB GBE KBE DBE
and many others
Applicable Categories *One of these categories

What is your opinion?

  1. Is there a need for a new category solely for the recipients of a Knight/Dame Grand Companion and Knight/Dame Companion?
  2. Should any new category be a container category (like Category:British knights by type or order or should NZ Knights/Dames be members of four categories?
  3. Can we classify both Knights and Dames together without starting a category with a long cumbersome name? I'd like to avoid Category:Knights and Dames Grand Companions and Companions of the New Zealand Order of Merit.
  4. Knighthood is appointment to the ONZM, the appellaton of "Sir" and "Dame" is separate so would Julian Robertson be a member of the new category?

Disclosure: Category:Recipients of a New Zealand Knighthood‎ was deleted as being a duplicate, this is likely my fault for failing to articulate my arguement so seeking your opinion on this matter.

Karl Stephens (talk|contribs) 10:42, 28 August 2013 (UTC)

list of honoured people[edit]

Regarding all the information about this order is this also a full list of honoured persons? I've found info on Bic Runga page, that she is also honoured but I canot verify this. --Blueye (talk) 18:56, 27 July 2016 (UTC)