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This wiki article, which I think is right,ław_III_Wrymouth have this: "Another foreign policy goal was the gain and conversion of Pomerania, which he initiated successfully by adding most of Pomerania to his domains by 1102–1122. Bishop Otto of Bamberg from 1123 onward confirmed the Christianization." In Polish yearbooks from that time read that Boleslaw sailed across the sea and captured some castles. Scandinavian historians have come to the view, that he went to Öland to help the Danish King Niels and his son Magnus with some Christians, that had fallen from the faith. That is what is told by Snorre Stuluson in a saga about Kalmar-ledingen (the Kalmar crusade), which took place in 1123. You can read about the Kalmar-leding here: - notice, that also the Norwegian King, Sigurd Jorsalafar should be helping, but because of misunderstanding (?) King Niels came too late to their meeting place in Oeresund, and Sigurd took off to Simrishamn, where his army ravaged and plundered, before they went home. The Kalmar-leding has been forgotten, or not written about by scholars in 100 years, except for a short notice in 1971, but after an article by Danish professor John Lind (, several historians have adopted the view: they are Tore Nyberg (, Nils Blomkvist (The Discovery of the Baltic. The reception of a Catholic World-System in the European North (AD 1075-1225). Brill. 2005), Kurt Villads Jensen (Korstog ved verdens yderste rand, Danmark og Portugal ca. 1000 til ca. 1250. University of Southern Denmark, Studies in History and Social Sciences, vol. 418. Odense 2011), and Dick Harrison (Harrison, Dick: Norstedts Sveriges Historia 600-1350, s. 191-192. Stockholm, 2009). Nils Blomkvis arguest, that Boleslaw Iii stayed on Gråborg on Øland for some time, and he elaborated more on that in the book on only Gråborg (Tegnér, Göran: Gråborg på Öland. Om en borg, ett kapell och en by. Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien. Stockholm 2008.) (talk) 17:21, 4 July 2014 (UTC)