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Певицата Петя Павлова[edit]

There appears to be a WP:COI with both the article content/lead and title. The article is currently under AfD. If it survives AfD the issue of whether Petia Pavlova has mononym status will have to be addressed. English sources and Bulgarian sources do not seem to attribute monomym status to the singer, see Monitor 2005 Певицата Петя Павлова пуска колекция тишърти and whether the singer's albums are entitled "Petia" rather than "Petia Pavlova" does not in itself justify WP:COMMONNAME for the mononym Petia against WP:natural disambiguation "Petia Pavlova." as bg.wp In the meantime, since the article creator (agent?) evidently wants the monomym, I per WP:MOVE have moved to (singer) hopefully preempting another of umpteen tiresome recent RMs on singers. In ictu oculi (talk) 06:48, 8 October 2013 (UTC)