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By using source Ancestrial Roots of Sixty Colonists, by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. I changed wife of Ramiro II of Aragon to Maud of Aquitaine. She was the daughter of Maud of Toulouse and William VII, Duke of Aquitaine. Ramiro II of Aragon and maud of Aquitaine had a daughter Petronilla of Aragon. If this is incorrect please let me know. Thanks..

It seems to be wrong to me. In the reference you cite (Line 111, generation 25) the wife of Ramiro II of Aragon is given the name "Agnes of Poutou" (p. 103 in the 7th edition). I think you've skipped over generation 25, as "Philippa (Mathilda or Maud) of Toulouse is given as the mother of Agnes, not as her husband's wife. - Nunh-huh 08:11, 24 Dec 2004 (UTC)
Ramiro definitely married Agnes (Inés to the Spaniards) of Poitiers - see, e.g., Chaytor's History of Aragon and Catalonia, p. 56 --apoivre 11:07, 24 Dec 2004 (UTC)