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Phonemicity of soft velar consonants (ɡʲ, kʲ, xʲ)[edit]

Looks like Padgett's example is outdated or not working for all dialects. Word-final /ɡ, k, x/ may be softened be a following /i/ (which is the only combination for such a case, since other «soft vowels» are iotted by default). Clip About this sound [k ‿ɨvanu]  is mislabeled and should be either [k·ɨvɑnʊ] (as Padgett suggests, still used in rural speak), [k·ʔivɑnʊ] (as pronounced here with a rare ʔ in Russian) or [kʲ·ivɑnʊ] (as most Russian citizens are saying now). Same for other two sounds. However, it is correct to say «Hard variants occur (almost) everywhere else», except for some given words. Also, there are no native Slavic words with word-final /ɡʲ, kʲ, xʲ/. Tacit Murky (talk) 19:58, 1 November 2016 (UTC)