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The birthdate differs from Find-A-Grave. Lincher 00:41, 14 March 2006 (UTC)


The date of her death is mentioned, but not the cause. Does anyone have any information?

Uh, she had a lot of problems. I lived right across from her in the Cedar Lake Apartments. I visited her, but my went over to her place a lot. I believe she was suffering from depression, and she was a heavy smoker. This might not help, but, eh.

I believe the cause of death has not been known yet. If you so, I will let you know. (LovePatsyCline 15:27, 6 October 2006 (UTC))


most of this article is correct, there are some small things that have been left out, but they are of the personal nature things that no one would know unless you knew her on a personal level. she dated Tony Albert in the mid to late 70's on and off and I believe she loved him very much. he has often said he should have married her. She never had the career that she should have had due to her values and I am so glad she stuck to them and didn't let the aholes in Nashville ruin her. As it stands, this article is embarrassingly poor, not so much in content as in writing style, which is so inept as to be barely literate. Sammi Smith deserves better. I've touched up the entire article, not changing any of the factual information but attempting to smooth over some of the worse grammatical mishaps.

The overall content is fine, but the article will be monitored for "grammatical mishaps", as you call them. The syntax and grammar have been faulty, but both have recently been improved and the article is fine, I think.