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Operación Puerto[edit]

I'm wondering if this information is still controversial now that it is cited. It is a fact that 13 riders were suspended. This information is provided in the 2006 Tour de France article: "In the most controversial scandal since the 1998 tour, thirteen riders were expelled from the tour stemming from a Spanish doping scandal on the eve of Strasbourg prologue to the 93rd edition." This is clearly very notable, especially because a number of the riders finished in the top 10 last tour. Botero was one of the 13. This isn't libel, this isn't criticism, or an attack. It is a fact that a)the pro-tour has strict rules that all 21 team managers agreed upon, that anyone associated with a doping investgation was to be suspended and b) Botera didn't start the tour for this very reason. I can understand it being libelous if someone edits the article in a manner to say that Botero is a cheat or that he was doping or anything that isn't sourced or proven. However, I feel the way the article reads now is cited, verifiable, and totally notable and accurate. If I am wrong, please explain further to me. --Andrew c 00:18, 17 July 2006 (UTC)

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