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Recent changes reverted[edit]

@IndianBio: I reverted your recent changes, [1] and [2]. I've nominated this song article for GA and I'm confused about why you felt the need to make those changes. The referencing style you tagged as unclear is the same one I've used for, at a guess, the vast majority of 40+ GAs I've written or rewritten. When I first work on an article, I'll always go with an established style – if it exists. In the case of "Sour Milk Sea", the only reference in the whole piece before I made my first edit, back in October 2012, was a bare URL. I therefore felt confident in applying a style I was familiar with and already by then had used in GAs.

Speaking of bare URLs, I couldn't see any justification for the tag you added on that issue. We define the term as "a URL cited as a reference for some information in an article without any accompanying information about the linked page. In other words, it is just the text out of the URL bar of your browser copied and pasted into the Wiki text, inserted between the ref tags or simply provided as an external link, without title, author, date, or any of the usual information necessary for a bibliographic citation." Are there any examples of such a reference?

Regarding some of the changes you made in that first edit. The Rolling Stone citation is to the website – – as I don't believe the piece appeared in the print magazine. (Put it this way, it's pure assumption to think it did; we're not providing a page number and a date for the magazine's publication – the source is an online piece, dated when the article was posted.) And there is no requirement to insert a full stop/period and then capitalise "retrieved" for access dates. The style throughout the article is to have items separated by commas or semicolons, thereby minimising capitalisation. You linked to Help:Citation Style 1 in that edit. Well, to quote from that page: "Wikipedia does not have a single house style. Editors may choose any option they want; one article need not match what is done in other articles or what is done in professional publications or recommended by academic style guides. However, citations within a given article should follow a consistent style." I'm no fan of the Harvard referencing system, and I don't believe any US system (i.e. the choices available in Wikipedia templates) should be imposed on an article that's BritEng style. On the other hand (to repeat), I will follow whatever's been imposed previously in an article – but, again, that's not relevant here, given the inadequate referencing when I began expanding the article nearly three years ago. JG66 (talk) 16:14, 11 August 2015 (UTC)