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Extremely biased[edit]

I'm really quite disappointed with the way this article has gone - most of the recent edits have been for the purpose of pushing an extreme Sufu point of view. It is a valid view in the sense that it can be sourced, but the Sufi movement is a minority movement within Sunni ISlam and to depict its views as the majority view is intellectually dishonest, and unfair to the readers who need objective information. Every reader is free to form their own point of view (though some may simply reading without even taking a side). It is not the choice of editors to decide what view is the "correct" view and then push that - this is a disservice to the readers and the site. All views can be presented, but there needs to be some honesty - label the Sufi view for what it is, the Salafi view for what it is, and so forth. MezzoMezzo (talk) 10:39, 9 June 2012 (UTC)