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relation between '83 championships and rule change[edit]

The article states:

"This caused a renewed debate about the three-distance-wins rule which was subsequently abolished; from 1984 onwards, the champion was to be the skater with the best allround point-sum. Thus, Gustafson would have been world champion in 1983 had the Lex Gustafson been in force then."

However, this ISU-publication (p.12) states that the rules were changed at/before the 1987 World Championships. Is there a source for the statement above? Because the rules were only changed 4 years later, the direct relation between the '83 championships and the rule change seems a little less likely. Anyone care to clear this one up? Niels|en talk-nl talk (faster response)| 20:29, 12 February 2007 (UTC)